Motorola HS805 Headset Review

The HS805 is not a beauty – definitely! It’s big, heavy and ugly, combined into a feature-less device without any appealing. Its biggest drawback is the strange form of the body, with big size in addition and not stable attachment will turn you into a funny robot, wearing it. The silver color also gives for the Robocop-like look.

Similar to other models of Motorola, it has three keys and a light; the keys are very big and black, and we were pleasantly surprised to see the volume buttons are usable, but unfortunately you will need some magic to handle with the call key, which is mainly used for device’s operation and is also called MFB (multifunctional control button).

The light is mediocre – unlike even other budget models, it is not the common blue LED you have used to, but an old school green light, bringing us back to the 60’s.

The few extras the H300 had are gone – the battery door is hard to open, and a nail can be easily broken trying to do this. No rubber around the earpiece will “care” for your ears – the plastic is directly pressing your face; but this happens only when you’ve put the headset on. As the earhook has two steps only (opened and closed), this may also be a hard operation, but once used to it, a person can do it even single-handed.



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