Motorola H700 relies on the company’s traditional earhook, therefore putting it on is as easy as that of, for instance, H800. Using only one hand will do the job and will also be enough for placing it in the most comfortable position. Much to our regret, moving the set to the other ear is equally traditional and difficult, and takes both hands and several seconds. It is not advisable to do so while driving as it may distract your attention from the situation on the road.

The headset is fixed to the ear comparatively steady; however, it sways at rapid movements. We tried to make it drop, but even after very powerful jerks it would not “pop” out of the ear.

Another important feature, apart from the easy putting on and the steady positioning, is the convenience of continued wearing and usage. During the time of our tests we disposed of enough time to wear it, so we can confirm the fact that the combination of low weight and soft ear-set is sufficient for comfortable wearing for as long as 1 – 2 hours. A more protracted use (over 3 hours) will cause a slight discomfort due to the unpleasant feeling of the earhook pressing onto the ear. In this case one should simply adjust the hook by barely moving to a new position: in this way, it is more difficult for the ear to get tired. Yet, we would be glad if Motorola should alter their earhooks’ design and not make their penetrating part so thin and sharp.


This headset will certainly appeal to users who look for compactness and convenience. It is so easy to operate that it will hardly take you long to get used to handling the unit. Unfortunately, its limited coverage influences the quality of conversation and the distance at which you can walk away from the phone will be also rather limited. At times there is interference even when the telephone is in your pocket. The noise reduction and echo cancellation technology does not show a particularly good performance, so its effect is hard to feel in a real environment.


  • Exceptionally easy to operate
  • Compactness


  • Interference when there is no direct visibility to the connected phone
  • Not effective noise reduction and echo cancellation technology

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