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Apart from testing the devices for performance, we also give our opinion on how they feel when used. Yet, it is not enough for a device to perform well, it is also necessary that we feel comfortable and pleased when using it.

In order to put H670 on you just have to put the earhook behind your ear, and afterwards to make it fit best – quick and easy movement, which may be made even single-handedly. In order to move the headset to the other ear you will have to take out the whole earhook, to turn it to 180 degrees and to put it again. This operation is not very difficult, but, nevertheless, requires that both of your hands are free, which happens rarely during driving, for example.

Depending on the size of your ear you have to select the earhook, which is most comfortable for you, as the stability of fastening of the headset and the comfort at wearing, as a whole, depend on this choice. Irrespectively of which earhook you selected, you will feel that the headset sways at side movements of your head and even when walking faster, although it is very unlikely that it falls down.

Although the earhook of the device is almost the same as the one of H800, the feeling which the headset creates after a short use is not the same. After one or two hours you will feel the pressing of the hook behind your ear, but not as strongly and as irritatingly as with H800. You will just feel that you have something behind your ear. Motorola H670 falls into the average “category” by its weight of 16 grams (0.56 oz), but we would not say that you will feel its weight, although, you will not forget about it.

As a whole, there are things which can be improved in terms of comfort at use, as one of the things which Motorola has to change is the design of the earhook. It would simply be much more comfortable if the earhook were not so pointed and having an edge, which rests against and presses your ear.


If you have a MOTOKRZR K1 you would like for sure to add H670 to your collection of accessories.
You get a device, which is extremely easy and pleasant to work with and has a very good talk time and coverage, thus allowing  you to go away from your phone without facing a connection problem. Nevertheless, Motorola could work more in order to increase the quality of the sound during conversation, but for a device of an average class, the outcomes match our expectations.

If you talk a lot, this is the model, which will provide enough time for you so that you are able to do your work without being worried that your battery will fall. This fact, together with the attractive design would draw quite some customers to H670.


  • Very comfortable buttons
  • Long talk time
  • Great coverage


  • Instable fastening
  • Hard to move from one ear to the other

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