Motorola H670 Review


In order to facilitate working with the headset as much as possible, Motorola have removed the traditional pairing mode, thus the device is ready to connect at the moment it's switched on. This is a feature of the most recent models of the company (H9, H800 H550), as it is indeed more comfortable than pressing some button or a combination of buttons and waiting to enter pairing mode. Everything else is standard. The code is 0000 and if you want to connect another phone to the H670 you will have to make sure that the phone is disconnected from the device it has been connected with before.

Here, you may program, according to your desire, which one of the two volume buttons is for increasing and which one is for decreasing. This is done very easily, as it is only necessary to press the button, which you designate for increasing simultaneously with switching on the headset. At first glance, this is a non-significant function, which may be very useful from the point of view of comfort when working with the phone.


We made the mandatory “package” of tests in order to check to what extent the official data from the manufacturer reflects the actual performance of the phone.

According to Motorola the battery of the headset should provide approximately 8 hours talk time or 8 days standby time. The device passed the test with flying colors as it endured in total 9.4 hours (565 minutes) of conversation at a volume set to the maximum. This is an achievement, which not many models may boast of (for example, Motorola H3) and, as you can see, it is much more than the officially declared time. Another achievement, setting a record by which the model distinguished itself, is the fact that we were able to carry out a conversation without a change in the quality of the connection, even when the distance from the headset to the connected phone (at a direct visibility) was 77.1 m (252.9 feet). In order to make sure that no error occurred, which influences the outcome, we made the test twice. The device showed analogous results both times. You may hardly have to talk at such a distance, but, nevertheless, the good coverage allows you to carry out a normal conversation, for example, when the phone is in your pocket.

The volume of the sound during conversation is above the average; the sound can be slightly muffled and, at times it can even become incomprehensible. The person at the other end hears your voice slightly weaker and monotonous. In windy weather you will be able to converse, as the headset performed better than the average under such conditions and we might compare it with such models as H605 and H800. Nevertheless, whirling caused by the wind in the mic will make you speak louder than normal, but, usually, this is a normal reaction when having a conversation in a noisier environment.

We tested whether you can talk when you increased the volume of the music in the car or when you are in a club, as the result is that in such an environment the party at the other side cannot make a distinction between the music and your voice, even when we spoke louder we could nor understand each other. In reality this means that the headset is unusable in such an environment and if you have to carry out a conversation you better find a quieter place.



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