Motorola H605 Review


Attaching the device is a difficult task. The company has explained clearly with pictures the easiest way to do this. Go through the explanations in the User guide and after several attempts you will get used to it and it will be even easier for you to attach the device with one hand. After attaching the headset, it is necessary to adjust the speaker so that it points towards the entrance of your auditory canal. This is one of the conditions in order for you to hear better the interlocutor.

The attaching is very stable thanks to the specific behind-the-ear design. Even when you make abrupt movements with your head the device will not fall down from your ear.

The headset weighs 19 grams, which is the average weight for devices with this kind of design and it is large compared to its rivals. Nevertheless, you will not feel its weight or any discomfort even after 2-3 hours of use. All points of contact with the ear are made of soft materials which ensures the comfort during extended wear.


We could say that, Motorola has coped really well with the behind-the-ear headset design at its first attempt. The device attaches firmly and you feel comfortable wearing it even even after extended periods of time. The headset enables you to control lots of functions and this together with the long talk time, is a good combination for people who need to make lots of phone calls daily.

We are convinced the capabilities of Motorola H605 will attract the attention of lots of customers. The device is suitable for both ladies and gentlemen.


  • Comfortable even after extended wear
  • Long talk time
  • Stable attaching mechanism
  • Good signal strength


  • It is difficult to get used to the attaching mechanism
  • After charging first several times the USB rubber cover loosened
  • The buttons could have been located in a better place

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