Motorola H605 Review


The device can be connected following the standard procedure. To activate the pairing mode, when the device inactive, press and hold down the call button until the LED indicator lights up in blue. When the headset is connected with the phone, you will be prompted for the code, which is the usual “0000”.

There are lots of possibilities to manage your calls from the headset and this is done by pressing different combinations of the control buttons. You are able to even decide if to disable/enable the light indicator and it is a good option in case the light annoys you or you just do not want to attract attention. You can find the full and detailed description of all combinations in a nicely done table in the User guide.


During a call the sound volume in the headset is very loud, so you will not have problems when you talk in a noisy environment. The sound quality is average and there is an audible background noise. The voices are sharp and a little synthetic/metallic. When you answer a phone call, there is a beep after which you can start talking.

The situation on the other side of the phone line is worse. The sound volume is average, which may be a problem in a little noisier environment. The voices are hollow with some snuffle. They sound monotonous and sometimes they are unclear and unintelligible.

According to the official specifications, the device should stand up to 10 hours of talk time and up to 200 hours of standby time. Much to our surprise, after being tested the headset achieved results better than the officially declared specifications. The device stood up to 10 hours and 30 minutes talk time and the sound volume was on maximum, which is 30 minutes more than the expected.This is a very good result and is traditional for the most of the Motorola models (H350, H500 and others).

We tested the signal strength of the device to check the distance from the phone to the headset, where the quality of the connection stays unchanged and H605 achieved 32 meters. Really, this is a very good result and keep in mind that there are only a few other models that can achieve similar result, such as Nokia models BH600 and BH701.

In case you wonder what the device “says”, Motorola has taken care and you can find detailed description of the meanings of all lights, indications and sounds in the User guide of the device.




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