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Motorola H300 Bluetooth Headset Review

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It's not the most user-friendly headset, but opening the earhook helps for attaching the H300 even with a single hand. Once it is on your ear, it is sitting there comfortably; unfortunately it is not very solidly held and may fell off if you shake your head more vigorously.
After about an hour of wearing it after we felt a slight discomfort but it was not a big problem to keep it on. Still you can feel it in every moment it spends on your head, and won't be in love with it for long. Design is also not its positive side – it looks mediocre and kinda funny.


The H300 offers pretty much for its price! Thanks to the AAA-battery the manufacturer reduces the price and improves the battery times, but gets some extra weight can be felt when you wear it for longer period of time. If you are looking for a Bluetooth headset on a budget, or for one with incredible battery times, the H300 is very good option, but in other case it is just mediocre as it doesn't have any special features


  • Battery times
  • Price  


  • Weight
  • Comfort
  • Volume quality and strength are about the average
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