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Motorola H300 Bluetooth Headset Review

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The pairing procedure is as simple as it could be: you just hold the Call key while the headset is turned of for a few seconds untill the LED shows solid blue light; search it through your phone, enter pass key 0000 and it's done, indicated by 10 fast flashings of the LED; the whole operation took us less than a minute! Once the headset is in standby mode it will flash in Blue every 5 seconds.

The LED light flashes only in blue, and so alerting about low battery is performed with a sound in the earpiece (5 rapid high tones every one minute) and so you won't be notified if the headset is not on your ear.

Motorola H300 Bluetooth Headset Review

In standby mode a single press of the Call key will activate the voice control of your phone, while holding it for a couple of seconds and releasing it will redial the last dialed number – be aware, as keeping it pressed for a longer period, you will hear the sound for shutting the headset off.

During a call the H300 performed well. The incoming voice was slightly muffled but the volume was above the average and you could hear it if the environment is not very noisy. If it featured in-ear design, its sound would be lound enough for any environment. A very disappointing thing was that a constant noise was present. The other party heard us with no noise, but the voices were still not very realistic - the microphone of the H300 made us voice sounding thicker.


The H300 is powered by a single AAA battery instead of rechargeable one, and you can feel it by the weight. Using a non-rechargable AAA battery you can achieve serious talk-time and once it's dead, you can easily replace it with any on-the-shelf battery without waiting for charging. This gives the incredible 13 hours of talk time which can hardly be reached with internal battery. 

Motorola H300 Bluetooth Headset Review

Battery times

The range we could use the headset at, was very low, reaching just 18 feet. This is worse than even the headsets with ultra-small size we've tested - the AX2 and BH800.

Motorola H300 Bluetooth Headset Review

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