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Motorola E680 review - Linux phone

Motorola E680 / E680i

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Motorola E680 review - Linux phone

The e680 is the first Linux OS device I have ever used. I found it to be extremely stable and a powerful performer as both a phone and MultiMedia Device with particular emphasis on 3D Java Games. Its 300mhz Xscale processor simply eats up Mpg4 video rendering with an insatiable appitite for Java Games. 50mb of onboard memory coupled with an external storage capacity of 1GB makes this device ideal for people who like to carry alot of Mp3s and video, or video games for entertaining themselves away from class or work. The built-in stereo speakers and included stereo headphones make the pictures come alive in games or video.

Phone performance is great as you would expect in a high-end device of this type. My only concerns are the following......

a. Battery Life.. a 780mAh battery with a 300mhz Xscale processor is not enough. Although the battery life was fine when using the e680 as a phone only...beginning to use the Java games and PDA functions of the phone would soon drain the battery. Be sure to get a car charger for it.

b. The USB synch program did not work for me. This could be my own fault or a conflict with the other synch software I have installed on my computer. Nevertheless, I do not like the idea of starting the synch program on the computer....and then having to start synch from the the e680 itself at the same time. Its not elegant and simple...and thats not good software...

c. Lack of Linux applications at this time. The e680 would benefit from a HTML browser application like Opera for Symbian and other Symbian apps such as Worldmate, HandyDay, etc.

All in all though, this is one impressive little device for the Multimedia Nut!! If you like music, games and video and the ability to highly customize your device like no one else's....this may very well be your device.

Motorola E680 review - Linux phone
This review has been edited and published with permission from the original author - Mark Morrow  

This is our preview based on a preproduction unit, expect the review soon.


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Display240 x 320 pixels TFT
Camera0.3 megapixels VGA
Single core, 300 MHz, Intel XScale processor
Size4.25 x 2.08 x 0.83 inches
(108 x 53 x 21 mm)
4.69 oz  (133 g)
Battery780 mAh, 6 hours talk time

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