The 5MP autofocus camera on the DROID XYBOARD 10.1 is the same one that is found on the DROID XYBOARD 8.2. Pictures that we captured are acceptable, but by no means awe-inspiring, as colors were a bit dull, images are not sharp, and the auto white balance had difficulty at times. Though the LED flash did fine for illuminating dark environments.

You can also record videos at 1280x720p resolution at 30 frames-per-second. Again, colors are a bit drab and the video isn't as sharp and clear as we would have preferred, but again it’s reasonable for on-the-go recording.

Motorola DROID XYBOARD 10.1 Sample Video:


With the stock Honeycomb music player, we’re always pleased by its ease-of-use, but it’s becoming somewhat conventional at this point. For watching movies, the 10.1” IPS HD display shines and was able to playback 1080p video just fine (despite the display’s lower 1280x800 resolution). The dual stereo speakers with virtual surround sound also did a fine job giving a movie-like experience.

Mentioning it earlier, the tablet packs along an IR blaster that goes hand-in-hand with the preloaded Dijit personal media application. Essentially, it offers the full functionality of any universal remote – like being able to control all of your home theater equipment. Honestly, it’s neat considering the tablet replaces one common living room gadget we’re accustomed to losing while sitting back on the couch. Though at 10.1”, it makes for one big remote!

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