Motorola DROID Ultra vs Motorola Moto X

This year we’ve seen Motorola trying to retake ground that has been lost in recent years to other companies, as they’ve released several new Android smartphones. The Motorola DROID Ultra is a Verizon exclusive, as it continues the “DROID” branding with a thin and stylish design. While the Motorola Moto X (which is available from multiple carriers) is unique since it’s the only smartphone manufactured right here in the USA. As of now, both of these carry the same price of $200 with a 2-year Verizon contract, or $600 full retail, so in this review we’re going to look at some of the similarities and differences between them...
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1. Knicknevin

Posts: 154; Member since: Mar 18, 2011

Honestly...these phones have very little difference... why is there a comparison? This article seems quite repetitive...

2. CX3NT3_713

Posts: 2363; Member since: Apr 18, 2011

Haha.. they both lose

3. roldefol

Posts: 4745; Member since: Jan 28, 2011

No contest. Moto X has the more comfortable design and sharper screen. Otherwise it's the same phone. Now bring the 32 GB version to all carriers and bring the price in line with the competition. Don't let the Droids drag down your flagship, Moto!

4. SupermanayrB

Posts: 1188; Member since: Mar 20, 2012

This comparison would've made more sense if it was done with the updated camera software on the Moto X.

5. Penywyz

Posts: 255; Member since: Aug 13, 2013

LOL What the Crap?! It's the same damn phone unless you have a 32 GB version, except for the fact that the Ultra has a bigger screen and the "Call my Droid" Verizon feature...
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