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Motorola DROID Ultra vs LG G2


Call Quality

Motorola DROID Ultra vs LG G2
One area that Motorola always seems to out-perform the competition is with its call quality, and the same could be said here, as voices through the DROID Ultra sound more realistic and natural on both ends of the conversation. Calls on the LG G2 aren’t bad by any means, but have a bit more of a “robotic” tone to them; though the earpiece volume can get much louder on the LG G2 when it’s turned up all the way, allowing for voices to be heard easier in noisy environments.

Signal reception was also slightly better on the DROID Ultra with -96dBm for voice and -99dBm for 4G LTE, while the LG G2 was -100dBm for voice and -104dBm for 4G LTE.


When it comes to battery capacity, the Motorola DROID Ultra comes equipped with a 2130mAh internal battery, while the LG G2 has a larger capacity 3000mAh battery. While testing the continuous talk time, the DROID Ultra lasted for 13 hours straight, but the LG G2 surpassed it at 16 hours of talk time, though the king is still the DROID MAXX at 20 hours of talk time. For standard mixed daily usage, the DROID Ultra will provide about 1.5 days of use, with the LG G2 pushing closer to 2 days.


With both the Motorola DROID Ultra and LG G2 coming in at the same $200 price with a 2-year contract; it is a tough choice between the two. The fact is, neither phone is far superior to the other – as each has its strong points and short comings.

Motorola DROID Ultra vs LG G2
To start off with, the Motorola DROID Ultra is probably going to be the most durable due to the Kevlar construction, though we dislike the glossy back. The Super AMOLED display is eye catching, and the call quality is excellent, but the camera & video recording quality does fall short. But keep in mind that it is running pretty close to stock Android, for those of you who are purists.

What we love about the LG G2 is the larger 5.2” 1080p HD display, since it looks more detailed and colors are more accurate. Also, the camera does well capturing images and the videos can be recorded at 60fps, not to mention the optical image stabilizer. The device also feels a bit faster with the Snapdragon 800 processor, has twice the internal storage capacity, and has a larger battery. But call quality is only average, and we’re not fond of the rear placement of the power and volume keys, as they are hard to distinguish from one another by touch alone. But with the user interface, LG does allow more customization with its skin layered over Android.

For the money, we believe most bang-for-your-buck right now is the LG G2, based on specs and daily usage, as it offers a more top-tier user experience. Though the Motorola DROID Ultra is no slouch, it just doesn’t measure up to the LG G2 at the same price.


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