Motorola DROID Turbo vs Apple iPhone 6

The Motorola Droid Turbo is a geek's dream: a device with the latest gen specs, including a Quad HD display and gigantic battery, while the iPhone 6 is a more elegant type of a beast…
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15. Sniggly

Posts: 7305; Member since: Dec 05, 2009

It's called Kevlar. You know, the bulletproof stuff. And these phones have sold quite well on Verizon.

18. Altair

Posts: 367; Member since: Feb 02, 2012

Laugh, thats what pr guys call it? Kevlar? Laugh. Only thing that matters, is design and how it looks. Fancy words can't hide the truth. Its a snakeskin design, covered with a strong word.

19. Sniggly

Posts: 7305; Member since: Dec 05, 2009

No, that's what it is. It is literally Kevlar. You're the most immature iFanboy I've seen in a long time.

43. VZWuser76

Posts: 4974; Member since: Mar 04, 2010

It's OK, he probably doesn't call Apple's phone the iPhone either. Maybe he calls it an anal suppository.

29. Thedefenitionofawesome

Posts: 51; Member since: Sep 04, 2014

Like how retina is a fancy apple word for "sub-par" display. Oh, and poor English dude. Really.

28. Thedefenitionofawesome

Posts: 51; Member since: Sep 04, 2014

He was not trolling.

32. VZWuser76

Posts: 4974; Member since: Mar 04, 2010

So the Motorola/Lenovo acquisition went through 4 days ago and they managed to announce and release a phone prior to that? Sorry, this was done prior to Lenovo's influence. And either way, this doesn't follow Motorola's design, this was ordered by Verizon, they dictate the design and specs.

37. DocOc

Posts: 143; Member since: Apr 23, 2014

Dude, what the hell are you talking about? Are you on crack? Moto has improved their designs dramatically. The Moto X is a very attractive phone. The Turbo appeals more to a select group, but is nonetheless a decent design. I've owned the Turbo now for several days and it has been a magnificent phone. it is bold, powerful, smooth, and the Moto functions are very useful. I'm not going to bash the Iphone. It is also a good phone. It's just not for everyone. As a man I find it to be a feminine phone based on the pastel colored screen and almost child-like UI. People are also hooked to the Apple eco-system. So they are going to stick with the Iphone no matter what. There's nothing wrong with that, but it doesn't mean it's the best phone. These days, the differences between phones is so marginal that it's not even worth trying to compare. Any high end phone right now is fast and looks decent. It all comes down to personal preference for looks and if you are on the Apple eco-system or Google.

56. Berzerk000

Posts: 4275; Member since: Jun 26, 2011

It's real DuPont Kevlar, not snakeskin. Motorola is an American company, being bought by Lenovo doesn't make them any less American. Motorola is still an independent company that has its own ideals, Lenovo will have little to no effect on Motorola's products. Also, I would rather have a thick phone that's as solid as a tank with a massive battery than a thin, fragile phone with bad battery life. Practicality ALWAYS comes before design, and the Droid Turbo is much more practical than the iPhone 6. And personally, I think the Turbo is a good looking phone, at least it doesn't have thick antenna bands, and the Kevlar has a nice pattern.

58. wyrishman

Posts: 39; Member since: May 11, 2014

You do realize Google's main reason for purchasing Moto was patents...? Moto had a huge number of patents that Google found very valuable. Unless you have more money than Google (proving your business-savvy is better than theirs), I doubt you can legitimately confirm or deny that these transactions were worthless.

17. Altair

Posts: 367; Member since: Feb 02, 2012

Customers: Before you even think about getting this snakeskin design over here. Think about this. Do you really want 32bit phone, when trend is moving to 64bit next year? Do you want a phone, which its two earlier owner didin't want? Motorolla itself sold these things away, and then Google. Neither of these didin't want these. They both knew, they wont sell. Why should customers buy these??

22. leksa69

Posts: 2; Member since: Nov 03, 2014

It seems like you don't even know the differences between 32bit and 64bit processors are :DDDD. Plz go check from google what is the difference between 64bit and 32bit bcz you clearly dont know that.

26. Thedefenitionofawesome

Posts: 51; Member since: Sep 04, 2014

You need 4gb of ram to use 64-bit. The iphone only has 1 gb of ram. So it is useless. Second: Kevlar is unique and awesome, so Motorola copied none. Aluminium, however , is one of the most common elements in the world and thus is not premium. The droid looks hardcore while the iphone looks girlish. The droid wins design. Third: Qhd obliterates the iphone's display. See the difference in gaming. Fifth: How ignorant can you get?? It really, literally , is called Kevlar. Bulletproof Kevlar. You should be making fun of terms such as retina( which probably is Apple's way of saying sub - par display) as well as Metal graphics(which, again means nothing) as Metal does not make games look close to console - quality. Ignorant×3 That is the defenition of you.

27. Thedefenitionofawesome

Posts: 51; Member since: Sep 04, 2014

Getting bought means Motorola is wanted. No one must buy ONLY from top - named brands. Secondly, if you think design is the only thing important in smartphones, you are stupid. If you love design, just go for the Sharp Aquos Crystal. Bezel-less. Perfection. Or the Htc One.*edit* this is a reply to post #18 byAltair Second: Think about this. The future is going to use Qhd of the droid turbo, not the unimpressive 750p of the iphone 6. Do you really want the iphone 6, which has almost the same display of the 2013 galaxy s3, poor battery life that cannot last a day(even low end phones have better battery life than the iphone 6)? Think. The droid turbo lasts twice longer. Plays better looking games. And has a unique design ehich looks manly.

34. Altair

Posts: 367; Member since: Feb 02, 2012

Ahh this android troll really got heated up! "means motorola is wanted" - may I laugh for your argument. If something is profitable good business, NOBODY will ever sell it. Got that troll? Either Moto or Google didint want these snakeskins anymore. Lenovo wanted it only because of patents. Even lenovo makes better looking (yeah copycats) products than this one here. Your place is under the bridge troll!

38. DocOc

Posts: 143; Member since: Apr 23, 2014

Actually profitable companies get bought all the time. Mainly because a bigger company wants to improve it own profitability or competitiveness. What's this "snakeskin" garbage you keep talking about? And you clearly don't understand the definition of troll.

63. RebelwithoutaClue unregistered

Did you read his profile text? He appreciates honest companies like Nokia, Microsoft and Apple. And dislikes evil companies like Samsung and Google. Talking about a dumb sh!t thinking there are actually honest companies lol.

47. Thedefenitionofawesome

Posts: 51; Member since: Sep 04, 2014

First : Do you know what a troll is? I kept facepalming whenever you said someone trolls even if they have not. And yes, profitable companies gets bought by bigger companies that seek more profit. And your English dude. I am not perfect, but make it understandable, at least.

33. VZWuser76

Posts: 4974; Member since: Mar 04, 2010

It's two earlier owners? Motorola was self owned before the Google acquisition. I can't believe someone as stupid as you figured out how to post on the internet.

35. Altair

Posts: 367; Member since: Feb 02, 2012

Can you ignorant troll count at all? Owner number 1: Motorola Owner number 2: Google Owner number 3: Lenovo Moto and Google wanted to get rid of this crap before it is eating too much cash.

42. VZWuser76

Posts: 4974; Member since: Mar 04, 2010

So Motorola's first owner was themselves. OK then. So what you're saying is Motorola didnt want themselves? How do you not walk into doors more? Can you English speak with grammar at all? (Left intentionally bad grammar in the hopes he will understand)

48. Thedefenitionofawesome

Posts: 51; Member since: Sep 04, 2014

No one can own themself. You don't own yourself and I don't own myself. So, the first owner should be Google, then Lenovo. Man, talking to you is difficult. You just cannot understand the meaning of some common words/terms , misunderstand others too much and kept referring to us as trolls when we state our opinions. Try accepting others okay?

20. DeusExCellula

Posts: 1390; Member since: Oct 05, 2014

Nothing about the iPhone lack of water resistance? k then

21. DeusExCellula

Posts: 1390; Member since: Oct 05, 2014

Severe disappointment int the QHD screen. I prefer androids but Ill be dammed if ill settle for a screen that dont hit at least 300nits. I'll take the iPhone 6 so I can actually do stuff outside instead of having to search for shade...

39. DocOc

Posts: 143; Member since: Apr 23, 2014

The reports about Turbo's screen are very misleading. It doesn't matter what nits reading is. I have found the display to be very bright and easy to see even in sunlight. Specs in a lab and specs in the real world are sometimes very different experiences.

44. Sakeem

Posts: 857; Member since: Sep 05, 2012

I agree. I have the phone and i don't see the big issue PA is making this out to be. I was fine reading emails on my phone outside in the sun.

23. Mark1205

Posts: 2; Member since: Oct 21, 2014

The turbo is a great phone but it would not hold up due to Verizon and their ability to update the phone in a timely manner. It would be better to just wait for the Nexus 6 and deal with the behemoth screen!

46. wyrishman

Posts: 39; Member since: May 11, 2014

I pre-ordered the Droid MAXX last year and it has received all the updates basically right after Google released it. Seems that Moto under Google's ownership avoided many of the usual carrier headaches in terms of software updates. I'm interested to see how Lenovo will do.

36. Wulfgardr

Posts: 73; Member since: Oct 29, 2014

lol that brightness. Imagine what you could do with all that battery life and a shiny sunny day, oh yep,

45. Sakeem

Posts: 857; Member since: Sep 05, 2012

I got the Turbo on Friday and i am loving it so far. My only complaint would be in call volume tends to be a bit low. The camera is ok. Nothing mind blowing unfortunately. Moto Assist, Voice, Actions, and Display work very well. I love getting a text while i am driving and the Turbo let's me know who is texting, asks me if i want to hear it, then let's me reply all while never taking my eyes off the road. Then the battery............I took the phone off it's charger on Sunday morning, i'm at work with half the day done and its at 45%. Beast. I really like this phone. Perfect choice for me.

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