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Motorola DROID RAZR vs Apple iPhone 4S

0. phoneArena posted on 17 Nov 2011, 06:29

If you are not already lured by one of the two big contenders in the contemporary mobile OS space – iOS and Android – you will probably be facing a tough choice this holiday season whether to snatch the Motorola DROID RAZR or the Apple iPhone 4S. We are here to help with a comparison between the latest and greatest from Motorola and Apple, so read on for our findings...

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posted on 01 Dec 2011, 10:31

54. networkdood (Posts: 6330; Member since: 31 Mar 2010)

I read the review again, after purchasing my RAZR and laughed - the iwfe has the iphone 4S, and the camera barely comes out ahead. Iphone 4S front shots are ok as the flash washes away the color.
Color on the RAZR is fantastic looking vs the iphone 4S and captivate - pixel issues?
Seriously, to the naked eye, there are none - played Angry Birds with fantastic surround sound quality sound and excellent color. Compared that to the other 2 Angry Birds game and the RAZR may actually look a tad better on color, but it was a wash.
Plus, with 4G LTE speeds, no contest there.
Form factor - RAZR was interesting with some slight originality, while the 4S is the same boring form.
Yes, it comes with alot of junkware - although, that depends on who you are and how you use it - Verizon backup media and contacts is a good program. MOTOcast is good, too, depending on your preference. For me, I deleted them. I use EMIT to watch movies on my PC hard drive on the phone. Or, I go to a few mobile sites and watch movies there.

But to see people putting down the RAZR for its colors, pixels, camera is ridiculous and makes me wonder if that person even bought the phone or is just trolling.

posted on 08 Dec 2011, 18:37

55. attackroot (Posts: 2; Member since: 08 Dec 2011)

Ok the problem with this is very few people can actually be objective. Most Apple people I have interacted with think their poop dont stink and could never ever say anything remotely negative about their brand.

A perfect example about this is flash support. Eventually this will be a none issue but for years and even today it is. You can not just browse the web and run what ever you want to, This is one reason Apple has so many apps, every news station, TV, sight that uses flash on their web page (and yes boys and girls their are many) have to make an Apple app so Apple people can use their page and not have a fit. This is reality. But when you bring up this point what do Apple people say, Flash sucks, its stupid, they shouldn't us it anyway. Wow such an intelligent and thoughtful argument.

Apple makes a great product. But couldn't get it on Sprint until now, Used to not be on Verizon etc.

Apple vs Android is truly the old Mac vs PC battle. Apple controls the hardware, operating system, and apps. They get to be the mommy and regulate everything.
(this has great benefits but it also has draw backs.) What if you want a bigger screen 4in or 4.3in screen. Apple has not decided to make one, are you stupid for wanting this? No, The benefits is all components work great together and can have extensive testing working with OS. Controlling all this less chance for viruses and malware. Better Camera.

Now Android is just the OS and it works on many different venders hardware. It is impossible to make a product that works on endless amounts of hardware configurations with some glitches. But with so many venders you get so many choices. Big phones, small phones, phones with keyboards, cheep phones, track phones, etc.

With Android phones you can replace SD card or upgrade without upgrading phone, Is this a good, bad, or stupid. It's clearly not bad as all of us want more space at sometime. If you're in the Apple my poop don't stink you say its stupid why would you want or need this. If your honest you go that's nice but I don't think I'll need that and it can poss a security risk.

Iphone has been around much longer had more time to work out many kinks. Because they have been out so long and for the most part form factor and plugs are the same millions aftermarket items for them.

Iphones dont use gorilla glass and wont because it's not apple is this good, Is apple glass better well drop a phone with gorilla glass and an Iphone face down and see.

I think Iphone resolution and sharpness is better. I like a big screen, 4.3 or 4.5 if I could find a 5in screen that would be awesome. I like widgets, I think it is stupid that all Iphone has is buttons, big buttons and now you can but your big buttons into a folder together. Especially with the Ipad you have 10in of screen and you cant have an Email, stock, weather, task, calender widgets. Just Big Buttons. Are widgets bad? Theyre awesome, secretly you apple people would love to have widgets.

posted on 08 Dec 2011, 18:48

56. attackroot (Posts: 2; Member since: 08 Dec 2011)

Does the Iphone to 4G LTE, No but the new one will.

Is their a Laptop and desktop dock to turn your phone into a laptop or a desktop. No
there are several Android phones that will do this. Not sure why Apple wont do this other than it might cut down on their laptop and PC sales.

Honestly they each have their strengths and weaknesses but bothers me is apple pretty much makes 1 kind of phone except for disk size and color. One size fits all, sorry does not work for me. I want to customize my desktop more than just moving my big buttons around.

posted on 10 Dec 2011, 14:56

57. amneel (Posts: 1; Member since: 10 Dec 2011)

This was paid review by iSuck & Co, Obviously they didn't compare the download speed, like to download a movie iSuck take 4 hour, Razr takes 15 min. You have obviously 50% more larger screen, close to tablet. Oh yeah, forgot, we can replace battery if I was watching movie on 9 hour flight, iDie, and Razr can keep going!

posted on 11 Dec 2011, 18:33 1

58. cbsatter (Posts: 2; Member since: 11 Dec 2011)

I received my IPhone4S a little over a week ago and I am sending it back and buying the Razr. I thought it would be better than the Razr and the sales staff at Verizon said we do not have 4G in our area, so I thought we would have to wait a few more months. Talked to someone else yesterday at Costco and they said we can use the 4G Razr as a 3G until the 4G signal is here. On the IPhone Siri was almost always too busy to handle a request, you have to put all ring tones or any music through ITunes. Not to mention a lot of the Droid apps are not available on the IPhone, and if you want something similar on the IPhone, you have to pay for it. If anyone is thinking about going from Droid Smart Phone to an IPhone, think again. Fortunately, we will be able to return our phones before the trial periods ends.

posted on 29 Dec 2011, 13:32 1

65. mobileuser (Posts: 66; Member since: 23 Dec 2011)

yes, a good example is the voice guided turn by turn navigation which is a paid application in comparison with the Razr and otehr android smart phones. How can apple deliberately miss out this basic application on their maps applciation and have to ask the users to pay for it if they need to use it. What a keen way for Apple to earn extra money from their users?

posted on 16 Dec 2011, 13:41

59. Coldjensens (Posts: 5; Member since: 16 Dec 2011)

I have been through 11 droids in less than 3 years. The durability/moisture proteciton is a big deal. However the iphone seems less likely to have saftware failures. Half of my droid losses were physical (several from moisture, not getting wet, but sitting on a shelf in the bathroom during a hot shower, in my pocker during the rain, tapped against a wall while walking, etc), but half were software. The new droid may be more durable than Iphone but less stable. Which is better?

Siri is a big plus for Iphone becuase things like adding a claender entry on the droid are a PIA and sometimes will nto work at all. However the poor navigationa and poor phone sound quality is a big negative for the iphone. Paying for apps also annoys me.

I am torn. I think I wil read more reviews on other sites and then go buy one of the two. Droid number 11 is going nuts (keeps switching to camera in the middle of doing other things).

No replaceable battery is BS. They are just milking customers for money. With my droids, I carry a spare battery. You can buy them on E-bay for very little. Now they want oyu to have to buy the batteries only from their distributors. And what do you do when you batteriy dies in the airport and you need go gte online for your car rental, or navigation or whatever? This is so annoying that i may go look at a differnt phone altogether. Too bad there is no decent Windows phone out there.

posted on 18 Dec 2011, 13:02 1

60. cbsatter (Posts: 2; Member since: 11 Dec 2011)

I have had my Razr for four days and love every aspect of it. The screen is much clearer than the IPhone4S and this new feature called Motocast, I can access all the files on my desktop or laptop computer from my Razr! I can even set-up to print documents on a wireless printer (Motoprint)! My understanding too, is the new casing on the outside of this phone is somewhat more water-proof, no I can't drop it in the pool; but I don't have to worry if a few raindrops get on it. I am very pleased that I listened to my husband when he tried to show me the differences!

posted on 19 Dec 2011, 09:54

61. Coldjensens (Posts: 5; Member since: 16 Dec 2011)

I went to look at them. By comparing, I discovered that depsite resolution the Razr has a more viewable screen. It is brighter and just looks easier to see/read. Resolution is just numbers. Look at them side by side.

The Verizon guy gave me a very neutral review of both. He said:

The Iphone will have far superior battery life once they get the software glitch fixed.

Android (Google) is workling on a siri like system. It could be a few months or it could be years.

Android will be ubgraded to Ice Cream Sadwich in early 2012, but it really adds nothing exciting. Some phones already use Ice Cream Sandwich.

Iphone is more durable despite recent improvements in the Razr. Both hardware and software have fewer problems with Iphone.

Iphone has terrible navigation. The Android navigations is abotu as good as you can get on a phone.

Insurance for Iphone costs more and has a higher deductible.

Android has much better voice recognition.

The camera in Iphone is a real usable camera. Android's camera is pretty much just a toy.

The cost to upgrade memory in Iphone is absurd.

Android now has a slight advantage in truely useful apps. Iphone has more apps, but loads of them are just stupid. Lots of Android apps are stupid too, but Android currently has the net advantage.

4g is not needed unless you download movies or U-tube.

4g wil suck your battery dry like you would not belive.

Razr is so wide that quite a few people return it becuae it is difficult to hold it and store it.

Razr cossts $100 more, But for me. Iphone woudl require buying about $100 in accessories and apps, so it is a push.

Razr is more compatible with pretty much everyone's computer. Iphone requries apple products software which many businesses do not have on their computers.

Siri is amazing and useful. The only negative is that it drain the battery and the voice recognition does not work all that well. You have to repeat things a lot and/or say one word at a time. However you will eventaully learn to speak to it so that it works more frequently.

Android is more flexible. You can customize it more.

He said that if he did nto work for hte store and could choose one or the other, he would choose Iphone. If Android had Siri he woudl choose Razr.

If you get the Razr definitely buy the insurance. If you get the Iphone dont. Both becuase it is less likely to have problems and because it costs more and has a higher deductible and is not worth it.

posted on 30 Dec 2011, 08:25

66. Coldjensens (Posts: 5; Member since: 16 Dec 2011)

After looking into various opinions and articles I am undecided. I will wait a while and see what happens. I learned the following:


Better for tech heads. Not much better if any if you do not like reading instructions or trying to figure out how to configure things. Much more complicated to use.

Outstanding navigation. This is the main reason that I do not have an Iphone.

4g - Not a plus for me. drains the batteries faster and I do ot use Utube or watch movies on my phone.

Larger, brighter screen. Easier to read.

Returned more often to the store with problems. (According to our verizon dealer).

Does a bunch of fancy custom stuff that I do nto need and cannto figure out how to use anyway.

Works with non-apple computers.


Easier to use.

More durable both physically and with software.

Far better camera (I do not care I have a caemra, I want a communication device)

Easier to handle (Razr is to bulky dnd difficult to hold.)

IOS has been around longer is is made exclusively for Iphone Apps are made exclusively for Iphone every thing works smoothly. Androi is made to work with 15-20 different phones and with apps made by hundreds of different developrs. Lots of glitches.

Siri does not really do a lot. It has problems wth voice recognition. (Android's vR was better but int he most recent upgrade, it got worse, now it is about the same as Siri as far as I can tell. Many people report that the only thing they use Siri for is to show people how neat it is. (Like ask it what is the meaning of life? ("42").

Iphone requires apple software to interface with a computer. Not many businesses instal apple software.

Apps are espnsive. Androis apps are free. (Most of them anyway)

posted on 30 Dec 2011, 08:35

67. Coldjensens (Posts: 5; Member since: 16 Dec 2011)

The Andoid version of Siri does not do anyhting like what Siri can do. Google is working on a better version. No information on when it will be released. Could be a month, could be two years.

Android will be upgraded to "Ice Cream Sandwich" This does not do much of anyhting different than the current version of Android. Upgrades are bad in my experience. THey cause all kinds of problems. IN the most recent Andoird upgrade, voice recognition went downhill. Hopefully they will restore the VR quality with Ice Cream Sandwich.

Iphone has various apps that have turn by turn voice alert naviggation (Garmin, Tom TOm, Mapquest, etc). They range from free to expensive, but there are no monthly fees. I have been unable to find out whether they interface with other Iphone apps like the android navigation does (i.e. can you tap on an address in a calender note and it goes right to navigation? Will it talk over phone calls or dictation? ).

I do nt care about most of the entertainmne or tech head features of either phone. For me it comes down to better navigation with Razr or ease of use, better durability and reliability and lower price for Iphone.

Thus, I will wait and see if they come out with something to make Android more stable and easier to use, or if Iphone has an app that equals the Android navigation in every way (specifically will it go to nav by tapping an address in an E-mail or a calender note and will it tlak over phone calls, dictation or other uses?).

posted on 12 Jan 2012, 01:04

68. mongrel (Posts: 1; Member since: 12 Jan 2012)

i received my iphone 4s a short while before christmas. on monday a courier picks it up to return it for my refund.
i have now short listed to the nexus or razr and the razr is winning.

posted on 17 Jan 2012, 08:23

70. Coldjensens (Posts: 5; Member since: 16 Dec 2011)

I am still undecided. I just received my replacement Android 2 due to a software glitch that came from nowhere, and after about three weeks the charging port went bad. I am waiting to recieve my 13th Anroid in less just under three years The guy at the verizon store said that he very rarely gets Iphones returned. He siad they frequently get Androids returned with defects, but then they sell five or six times more Android phones, so it is not a fair comparison. He also said that i may be an aberration. In other words, I may have all kinds of trouble with Iphone as well. He has never seen one person have as many problems with a Droid as I have had

I also learned from people who have Siri that it is not very useful from a practical viewpoint. It is mostly used to show other people what it can do. The VR is mediochre and not consistent enough to really be a big help. Every single person that i talked to who has has a 4s for more than a month said that Siri is NOT a reason to choose Iphone.

Now I am down to apparently better stability and fewer defects with Iphone vs. far superior navigation, cheaper/fee apps, and not having to buy a bunch of chargers and accessories with android. The easier to view screen ont he android is also signficant. However the Android costs $100 more than iphone. Even if it is better, the Nadroid is not better if it is always malfunctioning.

The Iphone has expensive app you can buy for navigation. Apparently none of them are as good or as well integrated as the Anroid system, unless you buy Verizon navigation and pay $5 per month extra forever. At $60 per year, that is actually cheaper than buying some of the navigation apps because the phone will be out of date and replaced in 3-4 years anyway.

Still undecided.

posted on 02 May 2012, 21:59

74. tomcraig (Posts: 1; Member since: 02 May 2012)

On sale for $0.01 again at Amazon until May 10th.

Now with a $200 difference in price the RAZR sounds pretty damn good.

posted on 24 May 2012, 20:25

75. jmac74 (Posts: 3; Member since: 12 Feb 2012)

I had a droid razr for about a month. After 4 replacement I finall got one that would work properly. Then low in behold, I was carrying the phone in my shirt pocket, protected by an letterbox mind you, I bend over and the phone comes out of my pocket and falls 2ft to the floor and the screen shatters. Really??? Kevlar, gorrilla glass, steel bezel and it can't even handle a 2ft fall while encased in an otter box.

The camera on the razr is crap. The screen is no better than the droid x 2. I now have a LG Spectrum. It's ok, the hd screen is great and the camera is far better than the razr.

I just recently received a new work phone. It's an iPhone 4s. I was never really an apple fan. But... The smoothness of the operating system and ease of use. Best camera I've had to date in a phone. In an otter box it feels great in the hand. Having both phones and comparing them side by side the iPhone is hands down a better phone all around. Both phones have there strong points. But the thing I've come to realize as far as function and fit the iPhone is just a better package.

As far as 4g goes... It's a joke. If you down have a full signal(full bars) 4g lags terrible and no better than 3G. Which by the way is most of the time. Maybe there is a reason that apple held off on 4g.

Storage... It's a fact that apple products store much more efficiently. The sd card is a moot point.

Sorry guys but these are my experiences with both.

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