Just like the DROID BIONIC before it, the DROID RAZR has one fantastic calling quality. So if you happen to be a chatterbox, you'll definitely find the handset more than ideal for your yapping needs. Not only are voice distinctive and robust on both ends of the line, but there is no evidence of any background noise or static heard through the earpiece. Additionally, the earpiece's volume output is strong enough to make conversations very audible to the ear. Switching over to the speakerphone, we experience an exact performance as it's able to whip up the same clear tones and strong volume.

Stricken with the same case of lost connectivity with 4G LTE, we're not all that surprised seeing that it's prevalent on previous 4G LTE devices that we've checked out from Verizon. However, it's only pronounced when we're indoors, and it doesn't seem to be affected when we're outside. In terms of overall signal strength, it's decent as it's able to put up an average amount of bars in high coverage areas. We didn't experience any dropped calls during our testing in the greater Philadelphia region.

We can ponder over how Motorola is even able to pack a 1,780 mAh battery into its shell, but they somehow managed to do just that. Even though it's rated for 12.5 hours of talk time, we're still left desiring for more battery life seeing that it reaches the same mark as the DROID BIONIC before it. Specifically, it's able to pump out approximately 10 hours of battery life on normally usage, which isn't anything spectacular, but still better than the mark reached by other 4G LTE smartphones. Obviously, light users can get almost close to a day's worth of battery life on a single charge, but it's likely to require nightly charging.


Bringing us back to memory lane, there's no arguing that the original Motorola RAZR was an iconic device that's seemingly forever ingrained into our minds, but on top of that, it showed us the kind of ingenuity behind Motorola. As the story goes, the RAZR eventually exhausted its ride, but Motorola managed to reignite that fire with the original Motorola DROID from a couple years ago. Now that the stage is set for a complete makeover, the Motorola DROID RAZR is by far the most compelling handset to step into the competitive landscape in recent memory.

In a time when high-end smartphones seem to be a dime a dozen, the Motorola DROID RAZR is able to captivate our attention above all others thanks to the brilliant engineering marvel that it beholds. For something so thin and light, it's almost impossible to even fathom that it's remarkably strengthened to offer superior durability over other contemporary smartphones. Meanwhile, it doesn't compromise on other things, which really amazes us even more knowing that it's choked full of cutting edge hardware to make it literally future proof in every way possible.

Indeed, it's not 100% in all categories, like in the video recording and battery life department, but it's able to show it's added worth on the software side – such as Webtop, MOTOCAST, and Smart Actions. As much as some of us are polarized with Ice Cream Sandwich on board with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Nexus, there should be no cause for alarm because it's announced to be coming to the DROID RAZR in the future either way. Naturally, some people will still find its price to be on the expensive side, but it's more than justified by its performance, premium construction, and bountiful hardware. Going forward, every handset released will need to live up to the mark established by the DROID RAZR, because it's absolutely, undeniably, and remarkably a piece of technology that smashes the perception of what we consider to be a top-notch smartphone.

Software version of the reviewed unit:
Android version:  2.3.4
Build number: 5.5.1_84_DBN-55
Kernel version:

Motorola DROID RAZR Video Review:


  • Stand-out design, materials and build quality
  • Clear calling quality
  • 4G LTE connectivity with great speeds
  • Motorola Webtop functionality and microHDMI


  • Not running Android 4.0 ICS out of the box
  • Screen is great, but with so-so pixel density
  • Camera and camcorder are not top-notch

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