Motorola DROID Pro Review

Motorola DROID Pro. The name just sounds intimidating and serious. The iPhone captured the market by being fun and approachable, and Google took that a step further with Android by opening up the platform, making it customized and personal. But when you add “pro” to something you’re not messing around, and that’s exactly what Motorola is doing with their latest offering for Verizon Wireless...
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1. effdee1121

Posts: 14; Member since: Mar 05, 2010

i think phonearena needs a new reviewer. sounds like you're reading us a script or telling us some boring story.

2. fakhri unregistered

i like phonearena's reviews. consistent, and the website looks great. clean, organized, structured. besides, its a phone review, its supposed to be dry n technical. lol

3. ghost_uwi

Posts: 47; Member since: Nov 05, 2010

i like there reviews always have.

4. Kirk unregistered

have you tested the battery life or just checked the rating? I have heard the battery life is worse than the Droid incredible, which means its pathetic.

5. licious32 unregistered

Nah the battery life is actually decent on the pro. I've had the device for almost a month, and had the htc eris and the lg ally prior to that. The battery life is definitely better on the pro than those 2 phones. You just have to go in the battery manager settings and you'll get better battery life by adjusting the settings to your liking.

6. mr. droid

Posts: 278; Member since: Aug 21, 2010

what!! are you kidding!!? i never thought i would find something with a worse battery life than the htc incredible, BUT i did! and this is it! i charged the phone all the way up, unplugged it, and while not even activated, left the phone sit on a table for 4 hours, checked it and it was at half battery already. while using it, i would get an average of 3 hours before i had a low battery warning. Also, they should have made the screen 3.5" or so with higher resolution, and slightly bigger keys on it, and the battery from the droid x (or at least a battery that will last all day) and THEN you would have a phone.

7. Abelis unregistered

Now that I've had the Droid Pro for over a week I'm ready to comment. This is my first Android phone as I've been waiting for this form factor to arrive. Let me first say that I like the phone a lot and will likely keep it. I have not had any problems with the call quality. I've found the battery performance to have improved after a few charges. That being said, it is still a clear weakness. The screen brightness set high sucks the life out of the battery. I've also found that Skype and some other programs will randomly be running in the background for no apparent reason. I've found the keyboard to be cramped compared to the Blackberry, Ozone or even the Moto Q. The top row of keys is too close to the HOME key so I often hit the home key accidently when typing. Initially, this happened a lot and made me crazy but I've found myself adjusting my typing method. All that aside, I love the operating system, processor speed, and google integration has been easy.

8. orielwindow

Posts: 109; Member since: Sep 23, 2010

Just thought I'd chime in. I replaced my Droid Incredible with the Pro about a week ago. So far I am really liking it. I don't have as nice of a camera any more and the screen isn't as big, but I'm honestly surprised how little I am missing the Incredible. I really wanted a physical keyboard and I am liking the feel of this Qwerty. Also even though the screen is smaller, it surprisingly doesn't feel like a "down grade". I also think the Pro feels better in hand compared to the Incredible, even though they are roughly the same size. So, I really liked the Incredible but the lack of a physical keyboard eventually drove me to the Pro. Now when HTC eventually puts out a touchscreen handset with a physical Qwerty for Verizon, that will be another story ;)

9. DeeTee

Posts: 1; Member since: Mar 22, 2011

The worse smart phone ever - Although I did enjoy the actul keypad it wasn't worth the headache. The battery life was poor, but it too was the least of my worries. It would freeze and you have to take the battery out to reboot. Poor reception often my other party could not hear me or I could barely hear them. This was not the carrier service it was clearly the phone I had three different phones because my carrier kept replacing it with the same horrible phone it's a manufacturing issue.
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