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Motorola DROID, Apple iPhone 3GS and Palm Pre: side by side

0. phoneArena posted on 25 Nov 2009, 10:31

The smartphone war is in full swing with nearly every major domestic wireless carrier calling one handset on their lineup as their premier smartphone. We’ll compare and contrast the three premier devices and see which one really caters to the specific individual...

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posted on 27 Nov 2009, 02:00

45. bonanzabucks (Posts: 3; Member since: 27 Nov 2009)

I have Palm Pre. I basically chose it because I had a free upgrade from Sprint, but my contract hadn't expired yet and it seemed like a good phone. With that it mind, I have a lot of patches on my Pre, so I can do stuff like video recording and I have a virtual keyboard. Overall, I think it's a great phone and I am satisfied with it, especially with all the extra features that the patches allow you to do and I absolutely love WebOS. My main concerns are the lack of apps (really would like a Skype app) and the fact that Docs2Go isn't available on webOS, though you can use it if you have the Palm OS emulator and use the Palm OS version. Now, I've played around a lot with the iPhone and checked out the Droid and played around a lot with it. I think the Droid is overrated and I'm not a huge fan if the Android system and it seems kinda clunky. There is no excuse for a phone with that capability not to have multitouch web browsing. OK, I know you can use it with some apps and the European version has it, but not having it and with Verizon pushing this as their flagship device is unacceptable and there is no excuse for that. As for the iPhone 3GS, I think it's a beautiful device and the app store really speaks for itself. Out of the three phones, it's the only one capable of playing real video games. The four concerns I have with it are that it can't multitask, the fact it's on AT&T, you can't replace the batter (I replaced the battery of my Pre with an extended one which can last me three days) and that the camera doesn't have a flash. Those are some pretty big things to me. For me, the carrier played a big decision on my phone choice. I chose the Pre mostly because it's one of the best phones on Sprint's network and Verizon and AT&T are too expensive and rip-offs to me. If all three phones were available on Sprint, I'd probably chose the iPhone.

posted on 27 Nov 2009, 19:25

50. sprint101 (Posts: 1; Member since: 27 Nov 2009)

you know what makes me laugh about all these people that say the iphone is the best? if its the best why are so many people trying to get rid of it? it doesn't make any sense to me. i give the iphone it props where its deserved but just as many people LOVE the iphone, there is people that cant stand the damn thing! and what about the smaller details that MIGHT actually matter to people who are NOT tech savy but like these type of phones! you cannot insure the iphone where you can the pre! the pre has a removable battery where as the iphone does not! so if the battery goes out on the iphone, you have to wait for apple to send you a new phone! your right you can open the phone but that would void the warranty! and what about the fact that you can multi task on the pre! why would or should you have to close something down just to be able to do something else on a SMARTPHONE? its ludicrous! its a smartphone get it right! i thinnk that all these phones have there pros and cons. they are more evenly matched than what people might give them credit for. to all there own i guess. i would rather stick with a more reliable network that's the first and only wireless 4G network from a national carrier. saves you money with the best value in wireless, and there ready now program will make you an expert on any of there great products!!!what else can you ask for!!!

posted on 29 Nov 2009, 23:16

55. E.N. (Posts: 2610; Member since: 25 Jan 2009)

I agree. A lot of people can't stand the iPhone. I asked my friend why he hates (he owns a blackberry pearl) and he told me that he just does. What a great answer. And I think that's the same way a lot of people feel. And people may be trying to get rid of it but a lot of people are still buying it and a lot of companies are still copying the phone. And I agree, the phone does need multitasking. But until then, most people are content because the phone is really fast. Switching from Internet to email doesn't even take a second. And plus you can return to the last place you left off in the Internet, email, text messaging, my task manager app, and quickoffice application. It's nowhere as good as the Pre's multitasking but it's pretty fast and does the basic things that I need it to do. The main problem occurs if you have an app in page 1 on iPhone and another important one on page nine or something like that so switching takes forever. That's why I have all my important apps on the first two pages and all the games and fun stuff on the 3rd and 4th.

posted on 07 Dec 2009, 04:05

58. pelton (Posts: 7; Member since: 21 Nov 2009)

A 4th Comparison missed out is the HTC HD2. Well, this phone is termed as a titan in the Smartphone category. Its HTC's best Hardware so fas and its powered by Microsoft's upgraded OS winmo 6.5. It’s a lethal combaination and surely impresses me atleast

posted on 07 Jan 2010, 21:31

61. CANUHEARMENOW (Posts: 26; Member since: 07 Jan 2010)

I personally have owned the iPhone, and currently have the DROID Eris. As a VZW employee I sell the DROID and mess around with it on a daily basis. I will say this...the iPhone was/is very simple to use, which does make it appealing to most americans. I hacked my iPhone and had everything you could think of. I thought it was awesome. Now that I have the droid Eris...it absolutely puts even my unlocked iPhone to shame. The Moto DROID is even better than my Eris. I can honestly say I dropped a call at least once every 5 calls and had to connect to Wifi to even download the smallest apps due to the limited coverage the large city I live in. I think the iPhone users are scared to admit there is something out there that is actually better than what they have. The iPhone had its fair share of fame but its time to step aside and watch the competitors surpase its extremely old technology. :)

posted on 10 Oct 2011, 16:16

66. apps develp (unregistered)

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