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Motorola DROID 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus

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Motorola DROID 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Seeing that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has some blemishes in the calling quality department, the DROID 4 is able to stand atop of the hill with its near perfect quality. Specifically, the Galaxy Nexus is plagued by muffled tones through its speakerphone and robotic voices that our callers are treated to on their end. Well, there are no problems with the DROID 4 as we’re treated to audible and noise-free voices.

Although it doesn’t happen as much, we still experience more dropped 4G LTE connections with the Galaxy Nexus. As for dropped calls, we’re happy to report that we didn’t experience any with either handset.

Clearly, these two feature filled smartphones are blessed with enough muscle power under the hood to justify their top-shelf status, but unfortunately, they’re abysmal when it comes to battery life. In fact, they both perform similarly seeing we’re able to get roughly 10 hours of normal usage out of fully charged batteries.


Normally, newer devices gain a lot of attention for being fresh on the scene, as opposed to some other models that have been around for months. Yes, we adore that the DROID 4 is the supreme messaging device, and even better, its $200 on-contract pricing is much easier on the pockets, but there isn’t a whole lot of “fresh” associated with it. In contrast, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is quickly approaching 3 months of life on Verizon’s lineup, but even now, it still feels like the newer device. Well, that’s partly all thanks to the fact that it’s the sole smartphone at the moment to offer Ice Cream Sandwich. Charming us with the most up-to-date Android experience isn’t the only tangible nicety going for the Galaxy Nexus, but in addition, it’s well complemented by a host of physical characteristics, like its beautiful display, to make it seem like the “fresh” device between the two. Indeed, you’ll need to shell out another $100 to pick it up at $300 with a contract, but trust us, you won’t be making a second guess with the decision.

Motorola DROID 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus:


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