Comparing the photos produced by their 8-megapixel cameras, they exhibit the same exact quality – but in all fairness, they’re simply not pleasant to the eyes. Therefore, there’s no one device outgunning the other in terms of image quality seeing that they have the same indistinct details and cooler color production. Naturally, things get a lot worse with low lighting shots, as they’re muddied tremendously with noise and an overall grainy look. In the end, we’re essentially baffled that these two are totally inept when it comes to snapping images.

Hardly thrilled by their still image snapshots, we’re not treated to anything better in the 1080p video recording department. Again, their qualities are utterly poor to the point of being unusable for most important occasions. Even though they boast the same capture rate of 29 frames per second, indistinguishable details, and cooler colors, the only separation between the two is the distorted tones with the DROID 4’s audio recording. Though, it’s a dispensable qualm when you take into consideration the overall horrendous quality of their video recordings.

Motorla DROID 4 Sample Video:

Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX Sample Video:


Same interface, same music player – obviously! Naturally, there’s nothing different in that specific area, but when it comes to audio quality with their respective speakers, it’s almost difficult to say which one has the upper hand. Well, after cranking up their volumes to their maximum settings, we subtly hear the DROID 4 cranking out the stronger tones – albeit, it’s not by much.

Going out on a limb, we’re not going to say that the DROID RAZR MAXX is the preferred handset for watching videos for the simple reason that it has the larger display, but rather, its iridescent glow is what convinces us the most. Yes, they’re both able to smoothly play our test videos, but the saturated colors evident with the Super AMOLED Advance display of the DROID RAZR MAXX stands out defiantly over the bland appearance of the DROID 4.

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