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Motorola DROID 2 vs. Motorola DROID

Posted: , posted by John V.


Motorola DROID 2 vs. Motorola DROID

The handsets actually compliment one another in calling quality since the performance was nearly the same; except for some choppy sounding voices heard from our callers when we used the DROID 2. Aside from that, there was a slight static sound that can be heard on our end using both handsets, but it's nothing too detrimental to make the experience unusable. When switching to the speakerphone, they both produced some loud tones that made it very audible for us to hear our callers, but setting it to the highest volume made it sound strained on both phones. So naturally setting it down a couple of notches provides for the most optimal calling experience with the speaker phone.

Just like their recent advertising campaigns, both DROID handsets are phenomenal in retaining a solid connection to the network. During our testing, we did not experience any sudden drop in bars when using the handsets in the greater Philadelphia region.

The battery life on each handset couldn't have been any different even though they both offer 1400 mAh batteries inside their casing. With the Motorola DROID 2, we actually saw it dish out more battery life since we were able to achieve a talk time of 9.5 hours of talk time on a single charge. As for the Motorola DROID, we had Android 2.2 Froyo running for this comparison and it was able to produce 7 hours of talk time in high coverage areas after a full charge. Naturally this would make sense since the 1GHz TI OMAP processor inside of the DROID 2 optimizes battery consumption better than the DROID – thus providing more juice with the same battery. However, both handsets will actually provide for a day of normal usage before the need of a recharge – but expect to constantly charge both handsets if you're a heavy user.


Now that we've gotten quite comfy with both DROID devices, we'll have to look at some other numbers for non-DROID owners who are wondering which one to side with for their next purchase, to better gauge whether or not it's worth choosing the DROID in favor to its successor. As for right now, and we mean right now, Verizon Wireless is currently selling the Motorola DROID for $149.99 with a contract while the DROID 2 is now found at the customary $199.99 price. Honestly, the price difference is so miniscule that it would be a better decision to choose the Motorola DROID 2 – especially with the $50 price difference. However, there are indirect resellers who are selling the original DROID for as low as free with a contract – which at that point, should warrant a purchase since both handsets provide for a good experience.

Conversely, there are current Motorola DROID owners who are contemplating on bailing with their handset for the DROID 2. Undoubtedly, the only compelling reason to make the jump with the newer hardware is to experience the customized Android experience combined with the faster 1GHz processor. Of course you're treated to an even better physical QWERTY that offers more prominent buttons that are accompanied with a better response when pressed over its predecessor. In addition, there are some amenities found on the DROID 2 that are missing on the DROID – such as Flash 10.1 support (for now) and Mobile HotSpot. Design wise, there is nothing considerably different between the two since they both boast a fantastic industrial design that's able to tuck away a physical keyboard. Ultimately, there are a handful of justifications to jump up to the DROID 2 since it's looking like Froyo will be the last major build of Android that the original DROID will receive. In addition, the faster processor will allow it to easily handle some of the most grueling games and apps out there in the Android Market. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Motorola DROID ultimately executes the same functions that are found with the DROID 2 – although it might not be as fast, it definitely can get the job done too. In the end, both handsets can continue to spread the word of DROID DOES.

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