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Motorola DROID 2 vs Motorola DROID X

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Calling quality has to go to the Motorola DROID X with its near flawless performance all around that makes conversations on the phone such a pleasant experience. Naturally, the earpieces on both handsets are able to emit an almost deafening loud tone, but there is just some static noise that can be heard on the DROID 2 – giving its counterpart the slight edge. Not only that, but we'd imagine that the noise canceling microphone on the DROID X supplements its performance over the DROID 2. When using the speakerphone, both were quite manageable in hearing voices, but the DROID 2 is able to pump out slightly louder tones, although they tend to sound somewhat strained when volume is placed to its maximum setting.

Motorola is known for producing handsets with stunning receptions seeing that they've been in the business of making radios for a long period of time. Neither handsets displayed any major fluctuations in signal strength or dropped any calls during our testing in the greater Philadelphia area.
Fortunately, we managed to get at least a solid day of usage on both smartphones as we set them to automatic brightness. However, it seems like the DROID X just has a little bit more juice in its battery pack – which makes sense when it has a larger capacity battery. Regardless, they will provide ample time with normally usage, but expect them to drain faster if you're a heavy user.


As we look back, both devices have their strengths and weaknesses, but we feel that the Motorola DROID X is the more compelling smartphone since it has additional curb appeal over its refreshed brother. In reality, it radiates that same aura that surrounded the original Motorola DROID – especially when it packs a substantial wow factor from a first glance. However, you still can't count out the DROID 2 since it's a pretty solution for heavy text messengers and users who demand a relatively compact handset.

It also has the slight advantage with the latest build of Android on board, but the DROID X isn't too far from receiving its serving of the same tasty dessert that will bring it to the same level – erasing any advantages with the DROID 2 in that arena. When they're priced equally on-contract at $199.99, it makes for one difficult decision when they're both regarded as premier offerings. In any case, you can't go wrong with either of them – perhaps because they are built from the inside out with plenty of love and dedication. Ultimately, they further a strong showing from Motorola as their DROID devices have become vigilant figures in the Android community.

Motorola DROID 2 vs Motorola DROID X video comparison:


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