We were expecting for photos taken with the smartphone's 3.2-megapixel fixed-focus camera to be horrifying, but it turns out that they are worthy of being called mediocre. Our outdoor shots look properly exposed and the color balance is quite accurate. Still, fine details are practically nonexistent, and the shutter lag of about a second is a bit annoying. Indoor photos, however, look terrible. The smartphone can shoot VGA video as well, but its quality is way below average. 


We were very content with the Music+ audio player that comes pre-installed on the Motorola DEFY MINI. It has a whole bunch of neat features such as SoundHound integration and pre-loaded ShoutCast on-line radios. Also, it automatically downloads the album art and lyrics of the song that is currently playing, which we think is pretty neat.

With the exception of DivX video files, the default video player could run any video format that we threw at it, such as MPEG4, Quicktime, and XviD, and that is pretty good for out-of-the-box software. The maximum resolution, at which videos would run, is 640 by 480, but with a display of such small size and resolution, 720p video playback is unnecessary.

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