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Motorola Command One Review

Posted: , by John V.



Motorola Command One Review
It's easy to connect the Motorola Command One to two handsets. We didn't have any troubles in using it with an Apple iPhone 4 as we listened to music and then transitioned to accepting a call with a T-Mobile myTouch 4G. Moreover, the headset announces the name of the device it's paired with when it initially connects for the first time. And when it comes down to being hands-free, you can basically accept or reject phone calls by saying keywords like “accept” or “ignore.” During our testing, we didn't experience much trouble using voice controls through the respective services on the iPhone 4 and myTouch 4G. Lastly, battery life is announced upon turning on the headset, but it can be manually accomplished by holding down the volume up and down buttons simultaneously.

Seeing that we used the Android 2.2 powered T-Mobile myTouch 4G, we downloaded the MotoSpeak app through the Android Market for free. So whenever text messages are received, the headset will speak it to you through the earpiece so you won't have to check your phone. Furthermore, we are also pleased to find it being accurate as we replied to messages by speaking in a normal tone. All in all, it truly delivers in bringing a surreal hands-free experience.

Volume is undoubtedly deafening at the loudest setting, but it becomes most useful in noisy environments as voices have a distinctive sharpness to them. Even when it's placed to the middle setting, voices are more than distinguishable to make out thanks to Motorola's Crystal Talk technology. However, there is some static noise that can be heard in the background when there is complete silence – but it doesn't dramatically affect the headset's overall usability.

Despite boasting noise reduction capabilities, there is a reasonable amount of background noise that the headset picks up. With the car windows down, our callers had a difficult time in comprehending our voice as the wind noise was more than evident and overpowering.

Motorola Command One Review
Motorola Command One Review

After leaving it to completely charge to 100 percent, we managed to get out 5 hours of continuous talk with the Command One before it completely dying – which equals the manufacturer's rating. It's pretty good when you consider that it's an extravagant amount of time, but it only gets better with its rapid charging.


If you find yourself at a store torn between buying either the Motorola Command One or FINITI, we'd recommend going with the latter since it offers superior performance for the same price of $129.99. On its own, the Command One is a decent offering, but there isn't a striking feature that catapults it over its better looking brother – even despite sharing some commonalities such a rapid charging and support for MotoSpeak. In the end, the Command One relinquishes its post and bows down knowing that it doesn't quite perform on the same playing field as its brother.


  • MotoSpeak capabilities
  • Rapid charging


  • Noise reduction is lacking
  • Too pricey for its features
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