Motorola CLIQ XT Review


Conversing with someone on the phone was a pleasant experience as voices on both ends sounded clear and distinct with no static background sound to ruin it. The only issue we found with its performance was the lack of power out of the speaker that still sounded weak when placed on the highest volume setting. When using the speakerphone, voices on it sounded a bit more high pitched than we liked – but it still proved to be useful thanks to its louder tones.

Connection to T-Mobile's network was spot on without any loss in signal strength or dropped calls during our testing in the greater Philadelphia region.

Battery life met our requirements of lasting throughout a solid work day – meaning we managed to use it intensely for 8 hours. Once we got close to the 15 hour mark, the device started to display notifications to start charging it. The manufacturer has it rated for 4.5 hours of talk and 500 hours of standby time.


Just looking at the name probably brings a lot of similarities with the Motorola CLIQ, but the CLIQ XT substantially sets itself apart in many ways. Sure it's got no physical QWERTY keyboard that most people feel to be beneficial at times, but the CLIQ XT's superior messaging capabilities clearly make it jump straight to the top of the heap with its responsive feel and touch. There are also many goodies in the software to clearly differentiate it with the CLIQ – like the music player, multi-touch support, and Flash Lite to watch YouTube files. Clearly Motorola is positioning this device towards the mid-grade segment, but we feel that it has a place that most users can fit right in. Even though it might not excel in all aspects, the CLIQ XT showcases Motorola's stance in continuing their efforts in the market – they definitely have something in this device to make it stand out enough to be unique.

Motorola CLIQ XT Video Review:


  • Superior messaging experience
  • Great photo quality
  • Good calling quality
  • Flash Lite 3.0 Support


  • Poor battery life
  • Sometimes slows down
  • Unappealing design

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