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Motorola Bravo Review

Motorola Bravo

Posted: , by John V.


Interface and Functionality:

Disheartening to say the least, the Motorola BRAVO opts to stick with the Android 2.1 experience – which makes you wonder when other recent Android smartphones flaunt Froyo already. Luckily, its 800MHz processor is more than ideal in exhibiting some responsive tendencies when navigating around the homescreen or launching specific apps. However, some may or may not like the most up-to-date MOTOBLUR customized experience as it heavily integrates social networking into the mix. Overlooking its shortcoming of relying on an older Android build, the experience is nonetheless unhindered seeing that it offers the usual array of features accustomed to the open platform. Still, it isn't as bad as a Bing-a-fied Android smartphone.

The interface of the Motorola BRAVO - Motorola Bravo Review
The interface of the Motorola BRAVO - Motorola Bravo Review
The interface of the Motorola BRAVO - Motorola Bravo Review

The interface of the Motorola BRAVO

Aside from offering the customary features with its address book, like automatic syncing, the BRAVO enables you to quickly check out social networking happenings all within the core “Contacts” app. Naturally, you can quickly glance things like recent tweets on Twitter or Facebook status updates without having the need to launch a dedicated app.

Adding a contact - Motorola Bravo Review
Dialer - Motorola Bravo Review

Adding a contact


Although it is the first time AT&T customers will see a non-QWERTY Android smartphone from Motorola's camp, the messaging experience on the BRAVO should be more than satisfactory thanks to its responsive multi-touch and Swype keyboards. Although the portrait option is still an ideal solution, the landscape one offers a little bit more room for your fingers to type away without feeling too cramped.

Motorola Bravo Review
Swype keyboard - Motorola Bravo Review

Swype keyboard

Keyboards in landscape layout - Motorola Bravo Review
Keyboards in landscape layout - Motorola Bravo Review

Keyboards in landscape layout

The Gmail experience follows accordingly like any other Android smartphone on the market as it offers a depth of features similar to what's seen on a desktop computer. Additionally, setting up alternative email accounts is a breeze thanks to its simple and straightforward process. Though, there are some instances when it'll require you to provide additional pieces of information, like server addresses and ports, to properly set up.

Being a social networking friendly device, users will appreciate the quick access it has to offer in posting messages to a variety of social networking accounts without the need to do it all separately. Moreover, the “Happenings” widget or “Social Networking” app aggregates all content in one centralized hub with the ability to respond to certain ones. If social networking is more in line to your liking, you'll be pleasantly surprised with the BRAVO's offering in keeping you updated with your friends.

If you really need to get in touch with someone, but detest placing a voice phone call or you don't want to wait for a response with a text message, then you might want to try out its instant messaging support for AIM, Windows Live Messenger, or Yahoo Messenger.

Email - Motorola Bravo Review
The Happenings widget - Motorola Bravo Review
Instant messaging - Motorola Bravo Review


The Happenings widget

Instant messaging

Not only do we find the usual set of Google branded apps on the phone, but AT&T manages to include their own as well with AT&T FamilyMaps, AT&T Maps, AT&T Music, AT&T Navigator, and AT&T Radio. Furthermore, there are also a handful of third party apps installed on the phone that's common with other AT&T feature phones – such as Mobile Banking, MobiTV, Quickoffice, Vlingo, Voice Commands, Where, and YPmobile. Finally, you can share an eclectic mix of content using included services like Moto Phone Portal, Media Share, or DLNA.

AT&T Navigator - Apps on the Motorola BRAVO - Motorola Bravo Review
Vlingo - Apps on the Motorola BRAVO - Motorola Bravo Review
Moto Phone Portal - Apps on the Motorola BRAVO - Motorola Bravo Review

AT&T Navigator


Moto Phone Portal

Apps on the Motorola BRAVO

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Motorola Bravo

Motorola Bravo

OS: Android 2.2 2.1
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PhoneArena rating:
Display3.7 inches, 480 x 854 pixels (265 ppi)
Camera3 megapixels
TI OMAP3630, Single core, 800 MHz, ARM Cortex-A8 processor
0.5 GB RAM
Size4.31 x 2.48 x 0.52 inches
(109.5 x 63 x 13.3 mm)
4.52 oz  (128 g)
Battery1540 mAh, 6.8 hours talk time

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