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Motorola ATRIX 4G vs Apple iPhone 4

0. phoneArena posted on 08 Mar 2011, 03:33

In an epic battle between two heavyweights, we finally have an Android powered smartphone that’s worthy enough to challenge the iPhone 4 as the premier device on AT&T’s lineup. As we’ve seen in our Motorola ATRIX 4G Review, it didn’t back down in bringing forth an experience that delivers strongly in many aspects thanks to its high-end specs and innovative functionality...

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posted on 11 Mar 2011, 12:36 1

29. kitkat (unregistered)

I would give the speed advantage to the iPhone. I don’t care how many cores it has if it still takes longer to scroll on a

web page or move around in the OS. iPhone in the video was much smoother and data speeds as of today suggest the iPhone sees

higher network speeds. Your spec category is completely useless and obviously from what we saw from your own result in the

speed category, turned out a completely irrelevant category. The web browser may have flash, but the browsing experience

isn’t as nice with all that lag, you could call this one a draw just for the added benefit of having flash. The OS category,

I agree, the notifications on iPhone stink but it is also a very stable and smooth OS while Android despite having much

better notifications has that annoying lag and slow response, Draw. Apps would seem to be definitely an iPhone win,

everything on Android isn’t nearly as polished as their iOs counter parts, though I do like a lot of the tethering apps and

freedom Android has, Draw. Screen is definitely a win for the iPhone, text is so much better and pictures look great as does

video, the only one that you can say would be a draw would be SAMOLED just because of the colors and low power consumption,

the difference in viewing angles is irrelevant.

Specs: Atrix 4G (stupid category and not an indicator of performance as we can see in the video)
Apps: Draw
Screen: iPhone 4
Speed: iPhone 4
OS: Draw
Browser: Draw
Cameras(could be Specs): iPhone 4
Build: iPhone 4
Call quality, speakers: iPhone 4 (no audio note i have ever sent sound as good as the ones from my iPhone 4)

Winner: iPhone 4

Apple still has the best smartphone on the market. I have had the at&t iPhone 4 and the Verizon iPhone 4, Droid Incredible,

Samsung Fascinate, Motorola Droid X and HTC Evo 4G and used the Nexus S and MyTouch 4G extensively.

1. iPhone 4
2. HTC Evo 4G
3. HTC MyTouch 4G
4. Samsung Nexus S
5. Samsung Fascinate, Motorola Atrix 4G
6. Droid Incredible
7. Motorola Droid X

If the Fascinate had Froyo it would beat out the Nexus S and MyTouch 4G, despite lack of front facing camera.

I have read below article that explain very deeply about both products Fight????
Markeet Fight :: Motorola Atrix 4G Vs Iphone4!

posted on 04 Apr 2011, 16:33 1

31. Researcher (unregistered)

I personally like the Iphone 4g alot better and in your comparison video you really showed that the Iphone is alot better. The Motorola Atrix 4g isn't that great a phone. I am totally convinced that you like the Iphone 4g alot better! :)

posted on 02 Jun 2011, 15:45

32. Luigi (unregistered)

It is easy to realize this is just a commercial for iphone, or you guys are in complete denial

posted on 20 Jun 2011, 14:20

33. John Lee 22 (unregistered)

No matter the phone specs, a liitle better or not. In my opnion the biggest reason to not buy Iphone is that Android features is very interest and daily innovative. But never forget that Iphone still a good choice, and has a robust hardware/engine, specially the display.

posted on 07 Jul 2011, 16:12

35. Jay (unregistered)

I think that these comparisons do slant more toward iPhone's strong points, but I guess until someone knocks them of the perch they will continue to be compared in that aspect. That being said, I believe that overall Android is a much better OS...it just has a lot more to offer. I plan to buy an Atrix myself, but there are two things that mar the Atrix (that I plan to fix once rooted):

1. Motorola's Software sux!!! Motoblur is the worse, the widgets are bland looking and the it slows things down a lot.

2. I do believe that AT&T has held back (technically) every Android device they have released in order to keep the iPhone on its perch. There is no reason that the iPhone's download speed should average nearly double the Atrix's download speed. The is made even more credible with the fact that you can go over to XDA and get an unofficial radio firmware that will bring the download speed up to the same level as the iPhone's (maybe even more). The let's me know that AT&T is not allowing Androids shine brighter than their mighty iPhone.

I currently have an HTC Aria and with custom firmware and an unofficial radio update, my little beast can pretty much match (or beat) an iPhone 4 in features and performance (except for the front facing camera and LED flash).

posted on 15 Aug 2011, 17:33

37. JP (unregistered)

This is an excellent review and exactly narrates the clear superiority which the iPhone has had for some time which I personally experienced just this afternoon at Best Buy.
The ATRIX is suppose to be the fastest phone on the planet, but its herky jerky and not-loading-the-web at times the way I wanted left me frustrated and flat. It was reminiscent of the first Droid when it first came out. Black Berry was an even worse web-experience before they bought a software company that programmed them a half decent browser. This fluidity of experience of which this author speaks is completely truthful on the iPhone/iTouch. The truth is, as well, I want to buy the Atrix with the Lapdock once i heard gingerbread was now available, and some of the problems are supposedly fixed on the Lapdock as well in addition to a price reduction ($500 vs 200 after a rebate of $100, I think). But this quick run through with an active-with-service Atrix has left me disappointed to say the least. It's almost like the memory in the iPhone is preemptively saving the screen or web screen you're getting ready to go to... hard to explain until you experience youself. Go test this yourself to see what we're talking about. There a really good article on the web where PC Magazine tells the skinny of the firmware update- what it did and didn't fix (other reviews but this is the one of interest) :http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2390799,00.asp.

posted on 18 Aug 2011, 11:38

38. HeAT (unregistered)

sorry for iphone lovers.. but Android is taking over.. let me tell you one thing, i had the firt and second generation of the apple iphone.. apple made a good work on the phone on those years.. bu if you compare from then until now they just change in the integrated gyroscope, cameras and shape of the phone... other than that is the phone same crap... and letting you know that your famous os for iphone five... copied a few thing of android... i mean that had to do something else because it has been the same icons the same menu style and same everything... dos your iphone 4 screen when you turn it on looks any diferent of the first generation one? ..... nope.. maybe ... apple have technology but is getting behind on innovations..

posted on 09 Sep 2011, 23:57

40. Ed (unregistered)

Not sure where people are coming up with all the apparent lagging on the Atrix. I find it to be incredibly fast, and feel like the perceived lack of "smoothness" is more a product of the Apple OS physics being more refined than those of Android, as opposed to a hardware issue.

I'm typically an Apple faithful, but for half the price, to me the Atrix's shortcomings compared to the iPhone are totally negligible. And despite my hesitation to stray from OSX/iOS, I'm finding Android 2.3, while a bit more cumbersome in some respects, to be a breathe of fresh air after having to jailbreak my old iPhone just to achieve functionality that should have been there in the first place.

I'm sure the iPhone 5 will be fantastic, and I still love my old jailbroken iPhone 3g, but with all the powerful Android phones out there nowadays, I find it difficult to justify paying double for a marginally more pleasant user experience at best.

posted on 10 Sep 2011, 00:02

41. Ed (unregistered)

I should add that Apple desktops and laptops are a whole different story – as long as windows is around, nothing in the PC world will hold a candle to OSX for a long time.

posted on 19 Sep 2011, 00:13

42. KrazyK (unregistered)

Well I will give you a quick review. I just purchased the Atrix about a month ago. Best phone I have ever had. I have never had a complaint about static in the phone. Video is amazing, internet is crazy fast, Video plays perfect, and internet is smoking fast. Never owned an I Phone, however I have a lot of friends with them and I have used them plenty for web, calls, and data. I really honestly think my Atrix is waaaaaaaay better than the IPhone 4. As I said I never personally owed an IPhone so I cant say its the best comparison, I will say though that if something comes out better than the Atrix in the next year as far as Android, Ill be very shocked

posted on 03 Oct 2011, 11:50

43. gmcclimans (Posts: 1; Member since: 03 Oct 2011)

Look, they're both great handsets. Not sure why there's negativity. I've used both, and they have great features respectively. It just depends on what your preferences are. I'd recommend the Atrix to anyone, but I personally prefer the iPhone for many reasons. Doesn't matter whether you like either one, we all benefit from the smart phone competition. Look at the Galaxy S2. What's next???

posted on 15 Oct 2011, 18:18

44. MissPaula66 (Posts: 1; Member since: 15 Oct 2011)

Hi i actually had the iphone4 and had problems with dropped calls and people not hearing me, as a phone it sucked so i sold it and am not waiting fot the Motoroola Atrix, I will never get another iphone, hopefully i will have a better experience.

posted on 17 Dec 2011, 17:40 2

45. DMAN1 (Posts: 1; Member since: 17 Dec 2011)


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