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Motorola ATRIX 4G Review

0. phoneArena posted on 01 Mar 2011, 07:10

Not only is the Motorola ATRIX 4G the first truly respectable offering from Motorola’s camp for AT&T, but it’s gunning to position itself as the best smartphone device in its class amongst the carrier’s lineup. Naturally, there are plenty of goodies strapped in for the ride. But it’s taking things into new territories that haven’t been explored yet. But in the end, will these new ventures actually transition to something that consumers want?...

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posted on 01 Mar 2011, 14:14

20. Allday28 (Posts: 283; Member since: 19 Nov 2010)

100% agree. Really wish it would have been stock for being on a motorola phone.

posted on 04 Mar 2011, 09:44 4

35. DJLegacy2k5 (Posts: 212; Member since: 28 Jan 2011)

Youre an idiot, there is no lag even from MotoBlur because of the Dual Core. Dont run your mouth until you actual USE a device.

posted on 01 Mar 2011, 13:40 1

14. Jeradiah3 (Posts: 1125; Member since: 11 Feb 2010)

besides the motoblur that i wouldnt care for, this is the best phone AT&T has right now. i like the labtop dock because with that it would end the need to keep my computer (in my opinion). its about time that AT&T has steered away from the clutches of the Iphone and the amount of crap you have to endure (I-tunes and lack of insurance for example lol)

Since the Iphone and their bandwagoners have left for verizon, let the real AT&T users like me have fun with the atrix....i thought about getting the dell streak, but this phone is the best phones AT&T has come out with and its a must have for me

posted on 01 Mar 2011, 17:08 3

21. oneilmccord (Posts: 16; Member since: 14 Feb 2011)

This phone seems to be acceptable...but I'm gonna wait for the Galaxy SII. Who's with me?

posted on 01 Mar 2011, 22:50 2

25. Thump3rDX17 (Posts: 2160; Member since: 10 May 2010)

surely not anyone who's gotten an original Galaxy S. xD

posted on 01 Mar 2011, 17:33 3

22. Julian (unregistered)

I purchased my Atrix last week and have been giving it the thorough run thru and have these comments to make.

Battery life is quite amazing, a day and a half on a full charge with moderate use. (email every hour, few videos/music/games, and 1-2 hours talk time)

Screen is great, very crisp.
No lag noticed so far, but not as blazing fast as I thought.
Call quality is GREAT, and I've already used it in Green Bay, Tampa, and Detroit
I have been able to run speed test in Tampa and get over 4G speeds (mobilespeedtest.com)


Design feels solid, but could be a little nicer looking
Screen resolution is not fully utilzed with since the resolution isn't different.
Battery heats up with long use.
And of course this motoblur is moto boring!

Otherwise a great phone for the price, wanted the Inspire but keep hearing that the battery sucks!

posted on 03 Mar 2011, 02:15

32. sajan1989 (unregistered)

can it play .mkv files upto 720p resolution?????

posted on 03 Mar 2011, 09:17

34. snowgator (Posts: 3604; Member since: 19 Jan 2011)

Battery heats up???? Just me, or is that kinda alarming??? Any other reports of the battery getting hot, or did Julian get a unit that should be returned like RIGHT NOW to get looked at??

posted on 01 Mar 2011, 20:40 3

24. DontHateOnS60 (Posts: 872; Member since: 20 Apr 2009)

I just can't understand how they didn't put an 8MP camera on this thing, being the high end product it's supposed to be.

posted on 02 Mar 2011, 11:46 2

28. DJLegacy2k5 (Posts: 212; Member since: 28 Jan 2011)

I think PA got a bad unit!
My call quality is the best of any phone ive ever used, no joke. People on the other end say im INCREDIBLY CLEAR, like I am in the room with them. I get ZERO static at anytime...Other than as mentioned, when playing music at a SUPER high level.

I am not a huge Motorola fan, but call quality and this phone over all is the best Ihave ever used.

posted on 02 Mar 2011, 12:13 3

29. DJLegacy2k5 (Posts: 212; Member since: 28 Jan 2011)

Also I hate MOTOBLUR, but this phone is so fast and smooth that Motoblur doesnt lag and freeze up the phone like on most moto phones.

Also the camera is good, the iphone is a 5mp, why does this need to have a higher res camera to be "high end", on the update this phone will do 1080p...some of you are just getting greedy now.

posted on 03 Mar 2011, 02:12

31. sajan1989 (unregistered)

can this device play .mkv?

well the so called BRips are now getting more with 1280 resolution with less size
hope this phone plays .mkv we can save lots of gigs ........

posted on 05 Mar 2011, 15:00 1

36. MpowerSkills (Posts: 46; Member since: 19 Feb 2011)

The author doesn't have the best grasp of the English language. Some examples form the last page:

"Luckily, we didn’t experience any dropped calls during our testing in the greater Philadelphia area. Meanwhile, it manages to retain a solid connection to the network with no adverse fluctuations in signal our review." Whats he mean, "Meanwhile"?

"functionality that unanimously chops down borders"? Whats that mean?

I like how he ends it, "So if you’re looking for a smartphone right now, there is no reason why the Motorola ATRIX 4G should be on the top of your list." I'm pretty sure he meant the opposite.

posted on 26 Jan 2012, 10:30

61. itiswhatitis (Posts: 423; Member since: 23 Jan 2012)

haha u rite!!i tot i was the only who felt that way

posted on 06 Mar 2011, 05:34 1

37. Alan626 (unregistered)

Why did the rating go from 9.5 to 8?

posted on 06 Mar 2011, 05:36 1

38. Alan626 (unregistered)

Why did the rating of the phone go from 9.5 to 8

posted on 19 Mar 2011, 07:25 1

48. assajdsad (unregistered)


posted on 06 Mar 2011, 18:09 1

39. DontHateOnS60 (Posts: 872; Member since: 20 Apr 2009)

Camera button would have been really nice to have. Check that. It should have been in the design from day 1. Don't know why everyone except SE refuses to put one on the device.

posted on 07 Mar 2011, 01:26 3

40. Chris W (unregistered)

I had this phone since day of launch .. Coming from a HTC Tilt2 (winmo 6.5) , Android is far different (trying to sync contacts was a royal pain from outlook)

But for once i can run All the apps i want in a true multi tasking way

Sadly the Heating battery totally killed my phone in 2hrs from 80% to 10% .. i was not doing that much on it at the time

I since realized having wifi on trying to find networks is what cause it to over work , and suspect also border line 3G/4G or weak network also doesnt help

Motoblur works a dream smooth and syncs emails & fb (the FB widget is a pain as i get 200 notifcations every 12hrs) .. but works and needs less actions from me :)

Other wise .. a top notch phone that can do so much more

If the laptop doc was $100 i would have brought it, i instead purchased a HD dock online (awaiting delivery) for $100

Overall if the only down sides is the hot battery (which then makes itself hotter), over active antenna (which makes the battery get hot)

posted on 12 Mar 2011, 23:42 1

44. Santro652 (unregistered)

Can this phone act as Wi-Fi hot spot... I connect this phone Via my 3G network and my laptop is connected to this phone wirelessly and i browse in my lapatop? is this possible.. similar functionality as galaxy S.. and will this phone work in india if i get it from USA

posted on 16 Mar 2011, 19:55 1

45. Gothbeard (Posts: 54; Member since: 28 Jun 2010)

Looks great, but 2 reasons why not to buy:
1. Motorola sell phones they know have manufacturing faults (Defy earpiece), and lie to their customers.
2. MotoBlur has poor functionality: in the review he had over 500 sns messages - there is no 'mark all as read' option in any widget. You literally have to flick through 500 messages to clear them. Same for RSS widget etc. Makes it unusable.

posted on 18 Mar 2011, 09:57 2

46. green2u (unregistered)

Excellent review! It's rare that I find a reviewer that covers pretty much everything. And in light of the possibility that Sprint will now carry it, I'm very excited about the possibility of owning it.

posted on 18 Mar 2011, 12:08

47. DeanV (unregistered)

I've browsed the internet to try and get a yes or no answer to my question and so far from reading various reviews I can only presume the answer but not safe in this knowing fully im not going to get the phone.

Will Irish/european sized sim cards work in this phone if i get it from the states?

posted on 22 Mar 2011, 14:13

51. Dwight (unregistered)

Nice review.

posted on 06 Apr 2011, 11:29

52. rayjones09 (Posts: 149; Member since: 16 Dec 2010)

Nice device, although it is aesthetically lack-luster. I used it in the store and it was somewhat laggy. But my friend just got it recently and it was just fine. No lag except the usual stuttery-ness of Android devices. From brief use, the dual-core seems to be another marketing term, because I noticed no significant difference from other devices. As a matter of fact, the performance in terms of browsing the platform and using the internet was similar to my iPod touch 2nd gen. Maybe Android isn't for me. I use it and get a little bored with it. I've used WP7 and come away impressed almost every time. I do intend to get a WP7 device.

posted on 06 May 2011, 10:57

55. bbains (unregistered)

Any idea on the Atrix's bluetooth specifics? I'm looking for a phone that will integrate well with my car stereo. Biggest problem I'm having is finding a phone that supports AVRCP 1.3, which allows for song metadata display and browsing. The product information I've seen lists AVRCP, but doesn't specify the version supported.

posted on 09 Jul 2011, 13:01

56. megaman (unregistered)

it is fantastic phone that you should have

posted on 06 Aug 2011, 19:06

57. Newby (unregistered)

My first smart phone and I went with the Atrix because the price was right and features out the ying yang. It seems to do it all and does it well. I use it mostly on WiFi because im in a marginal AT&T area.

Bottom line: Im pleased with it.

posted on 07 Aug 2011, 08:02

58. geroge (unregistered)

the galaxy s 2 is 10 times better than this garbage, just saying...

posted on 06 Oct 2011, 15:31

59. Dan3030 (unregistered)

Going from a 3g to this was night and day. I had a htc fuze before that which had the really really archaic win mo at the time(it sucked). I don't see any lag and the call quality is fine for me but ive had att my whole life so maybe im used to sub par call quality but i really don't notice much aside from a little bit of static when making a call (not during the call) and this can be avoided by having the volume turned down a little below max volume at least in my experience. I like my Atrix a lot and have had no issues with it so far. For the price difference i would rather have this than a 4GS or 4G(with a new plan the atrix was still about 150 bucks less) and when comparing it to some of the Samsung and htc phones its much faster with GB on it, taking advantage of the dual core fully now. The screen isn't huge like some of the newer Samsung and htc phones but i really have no desire to have a giant phone and since it has an HDMI out your screen can be as big as your TV or monitor is. Great Phone!!!

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