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Motorola ATRIX 4G Laptop Dock Review

0. phoneArena posted on 02 Mar 2011, 02:10

As we briefly touched up on it in our Motorola ATRIX 4G review, one of the more interesting aspects of this Android 2.2 powered device is unleashed when you combine it with its optional Laptop Dock. At $500 full price by itself, it does make for one costly investment, but it’s a little bit ...

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posted on 19 Mar 2011, 04:27

1. Afya Asif (unregistered)

That's not a solution. The iPad is not a Cell Phone. I think this docking option has some potential. Maybe not always in a laptop form but even something where you could take your iOS, Android, or some other mobile OS and dock it into a larger screen tablet could be an interesting idea.

Source more information:http://www.motorolaatrixforum.com/announcements-f8/motorola-atrix-4g-with-laptop-dock-first-opinion- t130.html

For example if I could take my iPhone and dock it into a larger screen and make it a tablet that could be kind of cool. After all the iPad is essentially the same as it's iPhone and iPod touch siblings aside from the screen right? Same goes for Android phones and Android tablets. It could adapt to change for the larger screen and save people from having multiple devices possibly.

posted on 02 May 2011, 13:25

2. Darel (unregistered)

Imagine a smartphone in the near future with quad core processors and 2-4 gb of ram, all you need to do is to connect your smartphone to such a dock like this and you have a quite powerful laptop for every day use and work. One hardware for everything, thats very comfortable! would be..

posted on 07 May 2011, 18:51

3. Blackbeans (unregistered)

Has anyone spent few hours for using this baby? Mine got warm to a bit hot, even hotter than my Dell Precision after 1hour playing with it! :(

posted on 23 May 2011, 18:46

4. hyi560 (unregistered)

I have been using Atrix laptop dock, and it has been great. Yes, its pricey that will set you back $300 at bundle price, but now they offer $100 main-in-rebate, so final cost for the laptop dock is $200. Also, this is definitely not a netbook or a laptop replacement. Since i travel alot, I don't need to carry my personal laptop since I can do all my browsing and basic office work with google doc(when wifi enabled) and on the phone with full screen via open office app installed on the phone (off-line). Also, I can stream videos from Hulu and download most of my media and watch it from my webtop (atrix laptop).
This Atrix laptop is really based on types of application you have installed on your phone and only needing for basic desktop functions. If so, laptop dock is worth it (least for me). Downside is, you need wifi to make full use of the laptop. Can be luggish at time with multitasking. Recommend to turn off live wall paper on the phone.
I would give this 4/5 stars

posted on 07 Jun 2011, 07:34

5. amitbali (unregistered)


My name is amit i from India I just want to know wht is difference between laptop and notbook or laptop doc. I'll really appreciate if i'll get the information. As i dont know about the difference so i am not buying it, coz i want full information first. And it lounched in india as well. The looks are dashing and killer and if its already lounched in india wht is price in indian.


posted on 10 Jun 2011, 18:55

6. Scott_T (unregistered)

They should have made this into a touch screen tablet (like Xoom, Galaxy, Ipad) with a docking station on the back to insert the phone. No need for keyboard to browse the web, multimedia , and basic document viewing. The idea is to be able to use this for cloud computing. That would make more sense to me (the lighter, the better especially for business travel people)

posted on 08 Jul 2011, 17:45

7. Mistyblu (unregistered)

I just won the laptop dock on Ebay (brand new) for $120 so the cost wasn't an issue. I like the fact that I can lay in bed and use it as opposed to doing everything on the screen of the phone.

posted on 30 Jul 2011, 02:39

8. NEMECOM (unregistered)

quad core phones will be out soon....

posted on 09 Aug 2011, 06:43

9. CAPTAIN RON (unregistered)

there will come a day..in the future ( no doubt ) ...when your cell phone can be used as a computer ( instantly accessing ...sky cams ....helll they already have cameras ....and BEAM ME UP SCOTTY IS NEXT

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