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Motorola Connect app

A staple app that’s preloaded with its phones, the Motorola Connect app is downloadable via the Google Play Store for other phones as well. Alternatively, it’s also available for iOS users through the App Store. From the onset, the app is pretty generic and straightforward, seeing that it offer us relevant information regarding the Moto Pulse – like its battery life and connection status. Aside from that, there’s really nothing special about it.


Alright, we’ll give credit to Motorola for having the expertise when it comes to range. Just like the Moto Surround, the Moto Pulse offers extended connectivity range over other comparable models. Sticking with a Bluetooth 4.1 radio, the company claims it can achieve a maximum range of 60 feet; open space obviously. In our real world testing, we’re content with the 30 feet range it’s able to achieve indoors – where it’s more complicated with retaining its penetrating power through walls.

Beyond its better-than-average reach, it also offers Multipoint technology to allow simultaneous pairing between two devices.


It could’ve been worse, but the Moto Pulse’s performance with music listening is tolerable enough for us to accept for most occasions. Catering to the youths, there’s a strong presence with lower audio ranges – so there’s always that pleasant level of bass accompanying its quality. Luckily, it’s never too overpowering, but it’s undoubtedly evident that it’s rather light with the treble. Testing it out at the highest volume setting, the Moto Pulse somehow is able to minimize any straining qualities that would otherwise prove irritating to the ear.

Likewise, there are some challenges to overcome with its call quality performance, but it still largely remains to be usable for the occasion – thanks in part to its strong volume output. Voices through the Moto Pulse have a very light robotic tone to them, while on the other end of the line, there’s some light muffled tones as well to deal with. It’s not perfect, that’s for sure, but it’s not a total wash either.


Rated to deliver up to 18 hours of talk time or play time, that’s an ambitious mark for such a budget conscious pair of headphones. Using the Moto Pulse through our workout routines each day, we’re able to get out a little over 14 hours of juice from a full charge. While it doesn’t necessarily hit that full 18 hours, we’re nonetheless still content by its reach, which is good considering its price point.


We’re dealing with an affordably priced pair of headphones here, there’s just no denying that when we look at its $59.99 cost. Obviously, its design reflects that very much, seeing that it’s bland, boring, and as generic as it can get. What we’re dealing with here, folks, is just a cheaply constructed thing – and it doesn’t help when its fit just never feels proper over our ears.

However, even with its ergonomic challenges and tasteless aesthetics, the Moto Pulse manages to offer an okay audio experience that’s decent enough to use for music listening and phone calls. If it weren’t for its passable audio performance and good battery life, it’d be tough to recommend this one over other offerings. Needless to say, its low costs makes it an attractive option for those on a slim budget, but those with higher budgets will want to steer clear from this one.


  • Can’t complain about its $59.99 cost
  • Acceptable audio quality performance
  • Great Bluetooth range


  • Cheap feeling and construction
  • It never feels properly snug over our ears
  • Minimal padding

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Which is better headphone Motorola moto pulse or motorola pulse escape please tell me sir

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