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Testing out the Moga Pro with a handful of games that include modern 3D titles such as Dead Trigger, SG:DeadZone, N.O.V.A. 3, and Vendetta Online, we’ll be the first ones to vouch its undeniable usefulness. Instead of using those pesky touch controls, which clutters up what we can see on screen, the Moga Pro frees things up – giving us enough real estate to enjoy the action on our smartphone’s display. For first person shooters, the Moga Pro shows its worth as we’re able to rely on the dual-analog sticks for precise controls. To tell you the truth folks, first person shooters benefit most using the Moga Pro, as one analog stick controls our movement, while the other lets us rotate our view. Even better, the various main buttons, shoulder buttons, and analog triggers help to keep it simple and clutter-free most of all!

Conversely, the Moga Pro also works well with old school games – such as PAC-MAN, R-TYPE, and Another World. Yet again, it’s the benefit of having that uncluttered view with the interface that really proves to us the timely worth of having a gamepad.

Playing games with the Moga Pro - Moga Pro Review
Playing games with the Moga Pro - Moga Pro Review
Playing games with the Moga Pro - Moga Pro Review

In order to make the most out of the Moga Pro, you’ll need to check out the optimized games that are recommended by the Moga Pivot App. There’s a switch hidden under the Moga Arm, which allows us to place it in either off, A, or B modes. Placing it in A mode enables us to use the Moga Pro with the handful of titles that have been optimized by the developers – whereas B modes places it into the Human Interface Device (HID) profile. Using this particular mode broadens the Moga Pro’s worth to other gaming titles that haven’t been necessarily optimized to make use out of the gamepad. Sure, there are some challenges in getting it to work on other titles outside of the ones mentioned in the Moga Pivot App, but it’s nonetheless possible.

The Moga Pivot App - Moga Pro Review
The Moga Pivot App - Moga Pro Review
The Moga Pivot App - Moga Pro Review

We’ve always dreamed about transforming our smartphones and tablets into home gaming consoles, especially when they have the hardware and growing ecosystem to appease hardcore gamers. Well, the Moga Pro does just that because we’re able to connect to a Samsung Galaxy S III through Bluetooth, which is connected to an HDTV via an MHL adapter. With this specific setup, we’re able to sit back on the sofa and enjoy everything on the big screen – though, the only issue that we find is with latency. Specifically, we notice delays in registering our controls from the Moga Pro, which isn’t surprising considering it’s something we expect with an MHL connection to the television set.


Battery life is superb with this thing, considering that we’ve gone well over 10 hours of game play without having to charge it. And considering that this is super lightweight, it impresses us that we’re to get a fair amount of game time with it. However, it would’ve been nice if there were some kind of indicator built into the Moga Pro, to allow us to visually see how much juice is left. Regardless of that, there are no concerns about much else.

Moga Pro Review

Absolutely something that’ll surely keep hardened gamers content, the Moga Pro is affordable enough to own at $50 a pop. Sure, it’s slightly higher than some of the console gamepads out there, but considering the benefits that we get out of it in the mobile front, it’s a cost that we believe is justified in more ways than none. For starters, this is the gamepad that we’ve been waiting for – it’s lightweight, has great battery life, and most of all, it gives us an uncluttered experience with our mobile games. On top of all of that, the control scheme is familiar to what we’re used to having on a traditional console, so there’s very little adjustment needed in getting comfy with it. Ultimately, if you’ve agonized over touch controls on several titles, you’ll be ecstatic that it’s going to be a thing of the past once you start using the Moga Pro. So if you’re serious about gaming, don’t hesitate to pick up this essential piece of gear! You won’t be disappointed because it moves mobile gaming towards the correct direction.

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  • Ideal control layout
  • Solidly built & lightweight
  • Long battery life


  • No way to check how much battery is left
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