Moga Ace Power Controller Review


Internally, there’s an 1800 mAh battery stuffed inside of the Moga Ace Power Controller, which not only powers the unit itself, but it can also be used to charge the iPhone. Needless to say, it’s not meant to fully charge the smartphone, but rather, it’s primarily there to maintain the phone’s charge as we’re playing a game. In order to that, we just need to simply slide the “Moga Boost” switch to the on position – from here, it actively charges. Sadly, if we connect the unit’s charging cable to an outlet, with the iPhone in the gamepad, it won’t simultaneously charge the two.


Bye-bye clutter, hello advantage thanks to its dual analog sticks.

Looking through the list of supported iOS titles on Moga’s web site, it’s obvious that the selection isn’t as diverse as we’d like – though, it’s constantly growing. From the looks of it, the majority of them are freemium games. However, there are at least some notable paid titles that really give us the edge with the gameplay.

Out of everything, it’s just so darn wonderful to know that the Moga Ace Power Controller reduces the amount of clutter on screen. Traditionally, on-screen controls would make it a challenge trying to see the action on the screen of the iPhone, but with this, we have full view of everything. In addition, we’re given a distinct advantage thanks to the dual analog sticks of the controller. Naturally, it proves invaluable in first person shooters, like Dead Trigger 2, or this freemium game called Touch Tanks, as each stick controls different movements.

No doubt, we can’t stress enough the benefit of having independent controls, as well as an uncluttered view of what’s going on. For all of the joys of the controller, it just becomes uncomfortable to use after a short period of time – so breaks are necessary between sessions.


Who knows why it took someone this long to come out with a usable gamepad for the iPhone, but it’s finally here – thanks to Moga! We’ve raved about its usefulness in the last section, but when it’s sporting a wallet busting price of $100, it’s holding it back from becoming a must-have item for gamers around using iPhones. At that price, a lot of people are going to really think super long and hard about the advantages of picking it up. Unfortunately, its lackluster design and toyish appearance doesn’t really justify its hefty price point. Overall, it’s a good first try, but far from a home run.


  • No more relying on on-screen controls with games
  • Features dual analog sticks & shoulder triggers
  • Lightweight feel


  • Expensive
  • Toyish look with its design
  • Construction is a but wonky
  • Cramped feel with its controller layout

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