Google Pixel 5 event | Here's how to watch and what to expect
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The camera app is still pretty barren, but luckily it packs some new enhancements – like the ability to adjust exposure, this new spot adjustment mode, and a 360-degree panoramic mode. Still, knowing what some other tablets have to offer, the new offerings are pretty much a paltry bunch.

Being terribly disappointed last year with the Surface’s camera quality, we’re pleased to say that there’s a significant improvement with its successor – albeit, it still isn’t as good as other tablets. Armed with a higher 5-megapixel rear camera, the Surface 2 snaps some pleasant photos. First and foremost, details are significantly sharper, which is an expected benefit from a higher count camera. However, we’re baffled as to why in the world it doesn’t have auto-focus! In lower lighting situations, its quality diminishes of course, partly because of the heavy presence of noise.

The same results persist with its 1080p video recording as well, so therefore, the results are better this time around, but not entirely all that great when compared to the competition. We naturally see a huge improvement with details, but it’s still flawed by its artifacting elements, lack of continuous auto-focus, and lower capture rate in low lighting situations.


Knowing that Windows RT 8.1 sees many enhancements, it’s nice to find some of it in the music player, which is now referred to as XBOX Music. On top of accessing local content, we can also use the XBOX Music Hub to purchase additional songs. Outfitted with two speakers, its volume output is ample, but never enough to be too commanding.

Likewise, the XBOX Video hub enables us to view local content and purchase additional ones too. Now that it’s sporting a snazzier looking 1080p display, the Surface 2 is more ideal for watching high-definition videos – more so with that useful kickstand in tow.

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