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Microsoft Lumia 650 Review

Call Quality

Hey, are you okay? You sound a little filtered!

We're pleased with the call quality on the Lumia 650, for inbound calls sound quite clear. The earphone isn't the loudest around, but it should suffice for most applications. On the other end, callers didn't point out anything unusual with our voices. There's still the issue of talkers sounding a bit thin due to the noise cancellation, but it's nothing to make a ruse for.

Battery Life

With its modest specs and power-efficient AMOLED screen, the Lumia 650 could easily last a day of normal use.

Having a power-efficient AMOLED display and an economical processor, the Lumia 650 can last a day of consistent usage. The, the 2000mAh battery should prove sufficient for the majority of this phone's target user base, which certainly excludes heavy multi-taskers and gamers. However, battery life could diminish with time as apps and services pile up, fighting for their slice of CPU and battery power.


The Microsoft Lumia 650 provides a mostly adequate experience, making it a solid choice for an entry-level Windows 10 handset. It's nicely put together and handles well. The screen and speaker are of good quality and make for enjoyable multimedia.

The hardware is competent enough to ensure smooth basic functionality, though it isn't capable of more than that. For an entry-level phone, the Lumia 650 delivered better photo quality than we expected, but then there's the borderline unusable camcorder.

At a MSRP of $200 for an unlocked 16GB unit, the Lumia 650 is a nice, but not necessarily enticing proposition. Other than its operating system, which is pleasant but still a bit rough around the edges, the Lumia 650 simply lacks unique qualities to stand out.


  • Solid build
  • Nice display
  • Camera captures delightful detail


  • Windows 10 feels a bit rough around the edges
  • Camera has poor automatic exposure and white balance settings
  • Broken video recording

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