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Relying on its Bluetooth 4.0 connection, the Microsoft Foldable Keyboard is placed into pairing mode when it’s used and powered for the first time. Alternatively, we can place it into pairing mode by merely long-pressing and holding down either of the two pairing buttons on the keyboard. Connecting it with an iPhone 6 Plus, we’re required to type in a series of numbers on the keyboard when the connection is first established for verification.

Generally speaking, we’re able to maintain a connection up to 25 feet before noticing any degradation or intermittent problems with the connection. At the same time, too, we really appreciate that it can be set up to work with two devices. Therefore, we’re able to connect it with our smartphone while on the road – and then to our desktop PC at home. Rather than reestablishing the setup process each time, it’s great that it can remember the two connections.


Our biggest concern using the Microsoft Foldable Keyboard when we first got it was the potential for confusion due to its particular layout. Seeing that it’s split right down the middle, it makes for an awkward typing experience – more so when some letters along the split are spaced out wider than the rest.

Much like anything new, we slowly begin to get accustomed to its unique layout. And after some practice and getting acquainted with the layout, those concerns are erased in a heartbeat. Combining its spacious layout for a compact keyboard and responsiveness, we’re able to type up long passages of text as easily as any ordinary keyboard.

Using it with the iPhone 6 Plus, however, we need to point out that the on-screen keyboard is inaccessible while the keyboard is connected. Knowing that, you’ll just need to be more mindful about using the keyboard for all typing. And unlike some other portable keyboards, this is usable for all sorts of occasions – including it being placed on our lap for typing. It’s untethered, which makes it more versatile, so it’s not confined to a specific case use.


Microsoft makes the bold claim of its keyboard achieving up to 3 months of battery life from a single charge. Well, after using it intermittently for over 2 weeks, it’s still chugging along with no foreseeable indications that its battery is running low. In the event that happens, all that’s necessary is connecting the microUSB port to charge its battery. Come to think about it, we’re impressed that it even houses a battery considering its compact size and razor thin profile!


With a stunning design and a typing experience that’s acquired, the Microsoft Foldable Keyboard undoubtedly serves its purpose in being an excellent portable keyboard. Thinking about it more, this is undeniably one of the more satisfying experiences we’ve encountered with portable keyboards. Blending style and function, it clearly boasts the qualities that’ll keep your fingers busy on the road.

Indeed, it’s something that complements all sorts of mobile devices, smartphones and tablets specifically, but the pricing of the keyboard is arguably what will keep most people at bay from making the decision to pick it up. Boasting an MSRP of $99.99, that teeters on the expensive side – more so when a quick search on Amazon for similar models reveal they can be fetched at under $70. There are even some priced under $50!

Regardless, if you feel comfy enough to shell out $100 without feeling too pinched afterwards, you won’t be disappointed by this versatile keyboard. In a way, the end purpose might seem simple, but Microsoft is able to deliver a unique design and experience that’s practical to use in all sorts of scenarios.


  • Unique folding design
  • Spill resistant quality
  • Good responsiveness
  • Excellent battery life
  • Accommodates full-sized QWERTY layout


  • Takes some time getting acquainted with the layout
  • $100 is tough to shell out for a keyboard

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