Martian Notifier Smartwatch Review


You’ll never miss a notification with this, but don’t expect the same level of diversity with its features set.

Supporting iOS and Android (version 2.3.3 or later), the Martian Notifier Smartwatch places its attention mostly on one specific thing – discrete notifications. Unlike the features rich tally of other smartwatches, the Martian Notifier delivers timely notifications from your connected phone (in our case, an HTC One M8). Its Bluetooth 4.0 range is pretty good, since it’s able to maintain a connection for more than 30 feet.

Downloading the accompanying Martian Notifier app for Android, its purpose is to initially set up the watch, and also customize the settings. Not only can we select what app notifications we want the Martian Notifier to receive, but we can also set up alarms, view the world clock, get weather information, and set an hourly repeater. With each notification, we can also select what kind of vibration pattern we want to have activated on the Martian Notifier.

When those notifications are pushed over to the smartwatch, not only do we visually see it pop up in the tiny OLED strip, but the LED notification light nearby turns on – and of course, there’s the ample buzz from its “light touch” vibrating motor that accompanies it. From text messages, to email, Twitter mentions, and much more, the Martian Notifier is a great tool in keeping up with those notifications – without making us overly distracted. The anti-scratch acrylic crystal panel is also touch sensitive, as tapping the watch’s glass allows us to dismiss a notification, or alternatively, tap it within 5 minutes of receiving it to view the notification again.

There are other functions too that are available, like launching the phone’s voice service via pressing the top left button, viewing world clock/date/weather, a camera mode that allows us to remotely snap a shot using our phone’s camera, and a find my phone feature, that extend its feature slightly. All in all, it might not offer as nearly as many functions as other smartwatches, but it manages to deliver notifications in a very appropriate, discrete manner.

Battery Life

Don’t be alarmed, but there are two batteries powering this thing. First, there’s a replaceable button watch battery that powers the watch portion of the Martian Notifier, which is rated to provide up to 2 years of juice. Meanwhile, a lithium polymer rechargeable battery powers the smart part of the watch (like its OLED display, Bluetooth connection, and various notifications), which manages to get us a healthy 5 days of normal usage.


The Martian Notifier is one of those unknowns in the smartwatch world, one that’s being dominated by other tech heavy models. However, those geeky smartwatches might have the upper hand when it comes to features, but as we’ve come to realize, they lack the sophisticated design of a classic timepiece – so that’s where the Martian Notifier has an edge over its techy rivals. Attached with a price point of $129.00, it’s not as grossly exorbitant as other smartwatches, which generally hover around the $200 price point. Indeed, it’s more affordable and easier on the pockets, but some folks might be turned away because of its limitation to receiving notifications – and a few other secondary functions. Regardless of that, we can’t deny that it has a stylish appeal over its smarter competitors.


  • Its elegant timepiece design is different from your normal smartwatch
  • Notifications are pushed discretely
  • The band is interchangeable
  • Long battery life provides nearly 5 days of continued use


  • Nowhere as many features as other smartwatches
  • It’s not waterproof
  • microUSB port is recessed deeply

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1. alumoyo

Posts: 391; Member since: Aug 26, 2013

Been waiting forever to see reviews of these "other brand" smartwatches. THANK YOU JONH V! While you're at it, how about do the Cogito Classic and the Metawatch Frame for good measure, maybe even a SHOOT-OUT!

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