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MOBILEdit! - controlling your phone from your PC

Posted: , by PhoneArena Team


I think Compelson Labs have gone the right direction with their modular approach. This will render the addition of new functionality very easy. The list of phones supported is very impressive – more then 120 as of the latest version with more to come (they just released 1.65 version with added support for several more).

Where the software will really shine is when File Explorer is added. I receive so many emails every day asking how can ringtones / graphics be downloaded to a phone. The other feature that I really want to see is MMS editor. Without it, if I want to send a MMS with picture stored on my PC, I have to first download it from my PC to my phone, then add add it to the MMS and send it. Having the ability to just browse all images with MOBILedit! and them to a MMS will be a lot less cumbersome and easy.

On the negative note, support for smartphones (Symbian), and some of the latest non-smartphone devices is missing from the current version of MOBILedit!. I was told by the company's representatives that they are working on releasing support for more devices as soon as possible.

Documentation about the software is very slim. If you click on HELP from the software you are directed to MOBILedit.com. What happens if the user does not have internet connection? Even if you have Internet, the website just has a handful of FAQ. A lot more thorough manual will definitely be appreciated.


  • More then 120 phones are supported (wow)
  • Modular framework
  • Easy interface
  • Easy SMS send/sort/archive
  • Easy PhoneBook edit/archive


  • Help (documentation) is very slim
  • Automatic phonebook conversion (removing all non numeric characters from your phonebook) will be very helpful
  • Smartphones are not currently supported
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