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MOBILEdit! - controlling your phone from your PC

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MOBILEdit! - controlling your phone from your PC

SMS is the next feature. From this menu you can send, read, sort and archive all your text messages. Multiple recipients can be selected for every text message. Very nifty feature if you like me send many text messages. If you are connected to MOBILedit! and you get a SMS, it appears both on your phone and desktop. After receiving it, you can delete it, reply to it etc. If someone calls you when you are connected to MOBILedit!, you are notified also.

MOBILEdit! - controlling your phone from your PC

In the main SIM menu you see information about your SIM card like its serial number, if it supports call costs, and Phonebook capacity. PIN number management is also included, but it did not work properly with my T68i because it showed that the PIN1 was not activated, when it was.
SIM Phonebook gives you access to all the numbers saved on our SIM card. Again they can edited, deleted, new ones inserted, they can be dialed or messaged. SIM SMS gives you access to text messaged saved on our SIM card.

Backup of your data is one of the main functions of MOBILedit!. Just click on the name of your phone, select BACKUP and your Phonebook and messages will be copied to your computer and if a need arises can be uploaded back to your phone.
Any messages that you send through MOBILedit! can not be found later in the SENT menu of your phone. That is why there is Compelson Archive option in the MOBILedit! which gives you access to them.
The last feature in the current version of MOBILedit! is MobileChess. The unusual thing about it is that it is played via SMS. You make a move, and a SMS is sent to your opponent who must be running MOBILedit! also in order to play.

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