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Logitech Mobile Traveller Review

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Pairing the device is a piece of cake - just hold down the multifunctional button for a few seconds. Turning the accessory on is indicated by a few blinks of the blue LED, and flashes again after a while and then settles in a regime of alternating blue and red, which means the device is in pairing mode. The headset is displayed as Logitech HS03 in the phone menu and is easily added. If the headset is switched off, then when turning it on it automatically connects to the paired phone.
During an incoming call there is a notification both by the phone and the headset. When it “rings”, it uses a default ringtone and not the one set on the mobile phone. The ringer volume depends on the sound volume setting of the headset. It is pretty loud when set to the maximum.

An interesting feature is Night-Mode and when enabled, the LED does not blink. It enabled/disabled by holding for a few seconds the three buttons. By this you reduce the bells and whistles on your head, which might be the reason for some interesting remarks by the people around you (imagine the way you look with those blinking lights and the boom right next to your face and).

Even in noisy environments the sound volume is loud enough during conversation. The ear-piece does not go into your ear canal and thus it doesn't block the surrounding noise, but the sound is still clearly transmitted and there's no threat of not being able to hear what the person on the other side is saying. The voice sounds very naturally, not robotic as with some other headsets.
Outgoing sound quality of the Traveller is a completely different story. The sound you hear is clear and easy to understand, but that's not the case with the person you're talking to. What they hear is very weak and hard to understand even when you are in a quiet room. Some of the people we called even asked us where were we at the moment, because they could hardly hear me. Your voice sounds as if you are in a large room – it's weak and there is echo. We're not sure if that's a problem of the model as a whole or we just got a “lemon”.
Otherwise, the WindStop technology works fine and there was no real difference when we tested the headset with a fan, given to us by Logitech, directed towards the speaker. The air flow that smashes into the microphone does not muffle the sound.
The headset is expected, as stated by Logitech,  to hold for seven hours of conversations with a fully charged battery, which is normal, but the good thing is that the Traveller really manages to live up to it. The battery is really robust and when used moderately it could easily make it up to four to five days without recharging. It is charged with a Wall charger (pity the headset can not be charged through USB, and the connector itself is not a standard one), which is indicated by orange light of the LED. The headset can not be used during recharge.

The range of the device is a little more than the 10 meters given by the manufacturer, and when exceeding this limit, the sound signal is immediately perturbed by heavy interference. The signal is even lost a few meters away, a little more and the headset disconnects from the phone it is attached to.

Model Range (feet)
Logitech Mobile Traveller


Jabra BT250 25
Logitech Mobile Freedom 45
Cardo Scala-500 50
Jabra BT800 150

The table above shows at what distance communication was possible when there was a clear line of site between the headset and the phone.

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