Logitech Mobile Freedom Bluetooth Headset review


Wearing the Freedom
Side shot

The Achilles' heel of this headset is in its ear-hook design. As pointed our, it is just squashing your ear almost in half. As soon as the headset is put on, discomfort is felt. The headset is not designed to be worn for long period of time. The most I would say is about 5-10 minutes of use. After that all I wanted is to take it down.


Even though this Logitech's headset offers excellent battery life, range and wind noise suppression, the horrible design ruins it all. I do not see the point of owning a headset with good features and performance, but completely uncomfortable to be worn. The only time I can see the Mobile Freedom in use is for very short conversations taking place in a windy outdoors. But why bother putting a headset on for a short time, when you can just pickup the call with your phone.


  • Offers excellent range
  • Very good battery life
  • Good wind cancellation ¬†


  • Very uncomfortable to wear¬†
  • Hard to put on

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