Logitech Mobile Freedom Bluetooth Headset review

The Mobile Freedom supports Bluetooth 1.2 specification which means devices are discovered more reliably, their audio quality is be better, and they will have better reliability under interference conditions (compared to 1.1 Bluetooth version devices). The pairing with the HP 6315 and Nokia 7610 was a breeze. The volume was easily adjustable via the large via the large rocker switch. Using the multi-function button starting, muting and ending calls was also easy.


Having large ear-piece has definitely contributed for the very clear sound produced by the Mobile Freedom. I only wished it was a little bit louder. Both phones I tested the Freedom with were lacking Bluetooth 1.2 so I definitely was able to hear the "pop-corn" effect - sounds noticeable when Wi-Fi networks create interference with Bluetooth.

As pointed out before, Logitech Mobile Freedom features patent-pending technology which tries to suppress ambient noise in raucous environments. Our tests showed that it really works. When the headset was tested with a small fan blowing directly towards the microphone, the wing noise was definitely present, but it was not impeding the other party from hearing the person wearing the headset. All headsets that does not feature DSP (digital signal processing) or technique similar to the one employed by Logitech do not work well at all in noisy environments. When outdoors, the wind usually completely mutes your voice and all the other party hears is the airstream.


Type of wind suppression


Cardo Scala-500


7.87in (20sm)

Logitech Mobile Freedom


9.84in (25sm)

Jabra BT800


11.81in (30sm)

Jabra BT250


23.6in (60sm)

The table above shows at what distances the air-stream created by a fan does not suppress the voice of the person using that headset

In my range tests the Mobile Freedom performed exceptionally well. Within 30 feet (10 meters) range the connection was crystal clear. At 40 feet the connection was still very good with some minor disturbance.


Range (feet)

Jabra BT2500


Logitech Mobile Freedom


Cardo Scala-500


Jabra BT800


The table above shows at what distance communication was possible when there was a clear line of site between the headset and the phone.

According to the specification the Mobile Freedom should have up to 7 hours of talk time. In my test the headset lasted for 6 hours and 15 minutes of continuously playing music which is excellent achievement. According to the specification again the stand-by time is up to 250 hours (10 days). With normal daily usage of about 30 minutes, the headset should keep working without being recharged for about 4-5 days.



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