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Lenovo Phab 2 Pro Review

Lenovo Phab 2 Pro

Posted: , posted by Stephen S.




Tango does amazing things with 3D, but will its cameras deliver with quality 2D shots?

Lenovo Phab 2 Pro Review

Although most of the Phab 2 Pro's scanning expertise concerns the 3D world, the phone's also more than happy to do some basic 2D photo-taking. The main shooter is a 16MP camera, and while it's joined by a depth camera and an ultra-wide-angle camera on the Phab 2 Pro's back, there's seemingly no way to involve those latter components in standard photography. Up front, we find an 8MP selfie cam.

Image quality

Images taken with the Phab 2 Pro look nice and bright, especially when shot in HDR mode, and colors also appear pretty decent – if occasionally a little dialed-down. If there's one particularly weak point, we found that pictures struggled with sharp focus, though our results were generally in the “good enough” range, especially if you're not viewing them at 100% zoom.

The front-facer also puts up a solid showing, but it's more in the “serviceable” class of selfie cams, rather than a leader.

Video recording

Sadly for a phone with all this imaging hardware, video capture isn't too impressive. For one, it's severely limited in terms of resolution, and the max-res 1080p mode doesn't even produce footage that takes full advantage of the phone's quad-HD screen.

Video footage is also often drab-looking, re-focusing produces distracting over-shoots, and maybe most concerning of all, our test footage produced audio plagued by a constant clicking noise. Lenovo tells us this isn't typical, but we'd recommend keeping your eyes (or ears, rather) our for it if you plan on picking up a Phab 2 Pro of your own.


Nothing too impressive in the audio department, but no big mistakes, either

Lenovo Phab 2 Pro Review

While we wish the Phab 2 Pro's screen did a better job with color accuracy, big and high-res go a long way on their own, and add up to make the phone a generally enjoyable one on which to watch video. The handset's speaker puts out some satisfying tones, and while its bottom-edge placement isn't ideal, audio quality is acceptable, if lacking a bit in serious bass response.

The Phab 2 Pro comes with a pair of JBL earbuds that feel a lot better than they sound. Their comfortable design is a plus, since they don't come with any alternate tips or anything, but audio quality can be somewhat muddled. They're fine in a pinch, but nothing particularly special.

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