Latte Slim11b Review


Slim11’s camera is ready to be used almost immediately after it is selected from the menu. It is in portrait mode and visualizes the settings with small icons in the upper part. Each icon corresponds to a key from the keyboard and so settings can be changed easily and quickly, using the shortcuts. You have at your disposal a lot of color filters, settings for the white balance, etc. The panorama mode is an enjoyable extra, but it is not very good at joining pictures and very often the joining is fairly visible, especially if you have not taken great care when taking the pictures. It takes 2 seconds to take a picture and 3 more to save it with the maximum resolution, which makes 5 seconds altogether between two pictures.

The images have a maximum resolution of 1280x1024, which is 1.3 megapixels. Their quality is acceptable. If we compare this with the upmarket cameraphones, they are terrible, but, keeping in mind the phone’s low price (sim-unlocked) and its target group, then the pictures would be just what one could expect. The problem is not only in the low resolution and scarce detail, but also in the frequent over-exposing (burning) of the pictures and the unrealistic colors.

You can record video clips without limitation in time, but with low resolution, which is only suitable for viewing the phone’s screen.
When viewing the pictures you can see them as a list with a small thumbnail, name and size. After you open a particular picture, you can change and view the rest of the pictures.


The music player can play your audio files from the phone or from the card, but not from both. It has a nice interface, controlled by the d-pad’s directions, you have 3 skins to choose from. There are the Repeat (one/all) and the Shuffleoptions, as well as a few equalizers. The sound is reproduced through the loudspeaker, which is also the speaker during conversation. It is very powerful and it can be heard even when it is placed on a table, because it is located on the front panel, rather than on the back one. If the sound of the track you’re listening to is too loud, maybe you’ll have to turn it down, so that it does not crackle. The music sounds pretty nice.

The video player is easy to work with and it can rewind and fast forward. The videos can be previewed in Fullscreen with the (*) key. An unique option is the change of speed on playback compared to the real one (x ½,1,2,4,8).


In the Fun & Games menu you’ll find three games, a stopwatch (which, we believe, should have been in the organizer), Image Editor and „Health”, including BMI (Body Mass Index) and Menstrual calendar for the ladies. Unlike almost all other contemporary phones, Latte Slim11b does not maintain 3rd party applications through JAVA.

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