Latte Slim11b Review


In the messaging menu you’ll find options for composing text and multimedia messages, but you will not be able to use email or Instant messenger. When you’re writing a message, you can use Smart abc, i.e. the predictive text input system. For quicker writing you can use the preloaded templates.


Latter Slim11b is a three-band GSM phone, offered in two versions: one, designed for America (850/1800/1900MHz), and the other for Europe (900/1800/1900MHz). Only slow GPRS data is used for Internet connection.

The Bluetooth connectivity is optional for the phone and, since our phone did not have one, it could not be connected to a wireless handsfree or another BT device. To provide for the Internet connection it comes with a USB cable, included in the set, and since it works with a proprietory jack, you cannot use a standard miniUSB cable for example. When you’re connecting to a computer, the phone will ask you whether it should switch to „Mass storage” or to “Com port”. The former option gives you the convenience to transfer files, as if the phone and the card were computer devices. In this mode we transferred a 13.5MB file from the phone to a computer in 25 seconds, i.e. 550KB per second, which means it will take you about 10 seconds to transfer a song from the computer to the phone. The inconvenience arises form the fact that, irrespective of what mode you’ve selected, the phone stops before getting into it. When it stops working with the cable plugged, you have to re-start it. The possibility of synchronizing contacts or information is from the calendar is simply non-existent.

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