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Latte Slim11b Review

Latte Slim11b

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Slim11b’s interface has left us with more negative feeling, compared to its design. Although there are some good ideas, which have been implemented well, there are also things that have not been carefully thought over, making the phone’s use not so enjoyable. Combined with the slow operations, some tasks take a really long time to accomplish.

Latte Slim11b Review
Latte Slim11b Review
Latte Slim11b Review
The standby screen contains fairly standard information about the phone’s status. The options for animated wallpaper or for using a clock or a calendar as such, come as a pleasant surprise. The main menu is visualized as a grid of 3x3 icons or as a horizontal list with beautiful big icons. The sub-menus represent vertical lists, which, just like the main menu, have shortcuts from the keyboard. The phone has three color schemes, called themes, which, however, cannot change the type of the icons.

If you have switched on the sound when pressing a key, the phone will ‘say’ the names and not the objects in the main menu and will read the numbers in the phone book. This is a rare option, but we do not see the point: you would hardly be willing to browse through the menus blindly, without looking at them.

Phone book:

The phone book can contain up to 300 names, each with a few numbers to it. When you’re adding contacts, you have a lot of fields, including such for a picture/personal melody or video. The latter option is rather enjoyable and the loudspeaker does a good job reproducing the music. Looking through the list of names is inconvenient. It is done through a separate “Search” menu.
Latte Slim11b Review
Latte Slim11b Review
Searching - Latte Slim11b Review
Adding new contact - Latte Slim11b Review
Latte Slim11b Review


Adding new contact


There is an extra, called „Intelligent Call Alert”, which ‘says’ the number of the caller. Even if you have the caller’s name, the phone will nevertheless say the number, which is not handy, since you are unlikely to know the caller’s number by heart. If a personal melody or video is allocated to a contact, it will be heard instead of the number.

Latte Slim11b Review
Alarm clock - Latte Slim11b Review
Calendar - Latte Slim11b Review
Latte Slim11b Review

Alarm clock


Calculator - Latte Slim11b Review
World Clock - Latte Slim11b Review
File manager - Latte Slim11b Review
Voice recorder - Latte Slim11b Review


World Clock

File manager

Voice recorder


The organizer is equipped with 3 alarms that can be adjusted for different days of the week, a calendar, featuring the recurrence option (setting for a particular day each week), a task list, to which appointments can be added, a calculator, world clock and unit converters. From the File Manager you can view the files on the phone’s memory (60MB) and on the card’s memory and you can see all files and folders, even such that the phone does not maintain. You can also move or copy files to other destinations.

The phone is equipped with a voice recorder, which is limited just to the available memory.

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Display1.9 inches, 176 x 220 pixels (148 ppi) TFT
Camera1.3 megapixels
Size4.21 x 1.69 x 0.43 inches
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2.17 oz  (62 g)
Battery580 mAh, 2.5 hours talk time

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