Latte Boom Review

The Boom is a strange phone, and has the hate-it-or-love-it factor: you would either love it for the music playback capabilities, offering the best speakers integrated in phone on the market, or will hate it for its inconvenient navigation – the side-located keys and all...
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1. Nick unregistered

Mine is bricked (unusable)… The battery died and it went to the Latte splash screen, it then hung there and wouldn’t turn on or off, I knew I wouldn’t be home for a couple hours, so I popped the battery to turn it off because I didn’t want to have the LCD on for a couple hours with just the latte logo. When I got home and plugged it in the Latte splash screen blinks on and off and it will not charge or turn on, same thing with the second batter, the phone will not recognize the batteries to charge them, even though it knows they are installed because it will boot to the disk mode still. This phone has no reset or reflash option, and the relatively small size of the company means there isn’t much information online. A phone (which is by the way less then two months old) should not be bricked by having the battery removed. The company sent me an RMA, but I cannot use it because I am not in the US… so I have an expensive paper weight and no way to make calls right now. It was a great phone until it stopped working from something as innocent as removing the battery… be ware there is nothing you can do with this phone if it stops working, no reset, no nothing.

2. unregistered

I only had my phone for not even a month and it just stopped turning on and its not like i can return it bc there is no what a waste of 200 bucks!!!

3. wisdom30_2005

Posts: 1; Member since: Jul 13, 2012

I have it for about 4 years now...and it is doing good with me.. I can take videos unlimited time, save many photos and videos and can save many messages in my inbox...
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