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LG enV2 Review

LG enV2

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Software and Features:

Home screen - LG enV2 Review
Main menu - LG enV2 Review

Home screen

Main menu

It should come as no surprise that the user interface has also undergone some changes. It is categorized into My Ringtones, Messaging, Recent Calls, Contacts, Media Center, Email, VZ Navigator, Mobile IM, and Settings & Tools. This a better layout than most Verizon phones use, with the Media Center directory replacing the aging Get it Now nomenclature. There are a total of four themes available (Classic, Slick Black, Wall, and Wave), as well as options for the Main Menu to be shown as Tab, List or Grid. Regardless as to which theme or layout you use, they all have a fast response time with very little delay.

The only change with the Phonebook is that it will now accept 1000 stored entries instead of 500, each with their Name, Mobile 1, Home, Work, E-Mail 1, Group, Picture, Ringtone, Mobile 2, Fax, and E-Mail 2. After a contact is saved, you can assign them to one of 999 speed-dial locations. Accessing a saved contact is as simple as pressing the Right Soft Key and will display them in alphabetical order. At the bottom of the screen you can type in the name of a contact and select search. This saves time, instead scrolling through pages of names to locate the one to call.

Phonebook - LG enV2 Review
LG enV2 Review
Voice commands - LG enV2 Review



Voice commands

Voice control is accomplished by using the speaker-independent system, which can be used with the phone either opened or closed. Available choices are Call Name or Number, Send Message to Name or Number, Go to Menu, Check Item, Contact Name, My Account, and Help. The most useful of these is the Call Name or Number, which allows you to speak the name of a stored contact or the digits for the phone to dial. This feature is very useful while in a car and can also be used in conjunction with a Bluetooth earpiece. In most environments, the voice command had almost no problem understand the names or numbers that we wanted it to call, but some errors did occur while in noisy environments such malls and stores.

The speakerphone is another useful feature, but just like with the enV and Voyager, it requires the phone to be flipped open. There are a total of 8 volume setting for it, but going any louder than 6 will cause some distortion. Unfortunately, this seems to be a common problem with LG phones, as we have encountered it on most all of their models. We would like to see LG use higher quality speakers in its phones that can accommodate louder volumes without distortion.

Calendar - LG enV2 Review
Calendar - LG enV2 Review


LG enV2 Review
LG enV2 Review
The Calendar is accessed by pressing the down button on the internal d-pad, and the display will show the current month with the current date highlighted in red. You can then use the arrow buttons to select any date that you wish. From there, you can add multiple events to each day if desired. Each one will allow you to enter the Subject, Start Time, End Time, Repeat (once, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly), Until, Alerts, Tone, and Vibrate. After an alert is saved, it will notify you of the event by playing the designated tone and by displaying the alert information on the screen.

The enV2 comes with 62MB of internal memory, up from 48MB on the enV, but almost 19MB is used for applications and data out of the box. Luckily, it now supports microSDHC memory cards up to 8GB in size (instead of 4GB) to allow you plenty of room for storing MP3 files, pictures, and videos. However, any applications or games must be downloaded and saved using the phone’s internal memory.

One new feature on the enV2 is that it’s the first LG phone for Verizon to support FOTA (firmware over the air). This will allow customers to download the latest firmware for the phone without the need for visiting a store and having a technician install it. This is a valuable time-saver for both consumers and employees and we are pleased to see it starting to be implemented. We tested the FOTA, but since our enV2 has the currently latest firmware (V03), it did not download or install any updates.

Messaging - LG enV2 Review
Messaging - LG enV2 Review
Just as with its predecessor, the enV2 features a full QWERTY keyboard and is designed to be used by heavy Text Message users. Pressing the left soft key will display the Messaging menu where you can create and send a Text, Picture, or Video message, as well as connect using Mobile IM (AIM, Windows Live, Yahoo), and mobile e-mail. Typing a text message using the QWERTY is fast and efficient most of the time, but you can use the front keypad with T9 predictive as well. The mobile e-mail application costs $5 per month and will allow you to connect to Yahoo Mail, Windows Live Mail, AOL, AIM, and Verizon.net, as well as being able to configure it to connect to any POP or IMAP server. We had no problems using the application and were cable to view most incoming e-mails, except that HTML ones and attachments are not supported. This is to be expected, as this is a basic application and is not as advanced as ones found on smartphones.

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