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LG Voyager Preview

Posted: , posted by Nanko R.


LG Voyager Preview
shortcuts - LG Voyager Preview
main menu - LG Voyager Preview


main menu


The Voyager’s user interface has been optimized for use with the external touch-screen. Menus and words are shown larger than average, so that you can easily press on your desired selection. There are only two themes (B&W and Color), but you can also select from a list of 5 menu fonts. Other than that, there is no further menu customization that is available.

Navigating through the menus is slower than average when using the touch screen. We found that it was easier, and took less time, if we opened the phone up and used the internal screen and d-pad. However, in doing so, it takes away from the “cool” factor of using the touch-screen.


Like all other Verizon phones, the Voyager can send and receive Text, Picture, and Video messages. For sending a text message, you can type the body by using the touch-dial pad with T9 predictive text entry, or by opening the device up and using the internal QWERTY keypad. We found that for sending a quick text with only a few words, the T9 method worked just fine, but for longer message, the QWERTY is faster and works best. One improvement is that the Voyager is now capable of storing up to 200 messages in the Inbox, compared to 50 with the enV.


One of the biggest features that has been hyped about the Voyager is that it is the first non-PDA/smartphone to include a standard HTML browser. Unfortunately, the implementation of the browser interface leaves much to be desired. Using it to go to www.phonearena.com it took 45 seconds for the page to completely load. You can then zoom in or out by using the two icons on the bottom of the screen. Due to the size of the screen, the entire page cannot be shown all at the same time. To move the page around, you have to press & drag using your finger on the display. However, in doing so, sometimes the browser thought we were clicking on a link (instead of moving the page) and it would start to open the new link. We would then have to press “stop” on the bottom of the screen to cancel this. Also, we noticed that sometimes images on web pages would disappear when moving the page. We decided to use the internal screen and see if the d-pad would do a better job, but this was not the case. The page would often freeze and not move at all.
When needing to click on a link, sometimes you would have to zoom in to 150% to be able to click the appropriate text or image, then zoom back out.

LG Voyager Preview
LG Voyager Preview
LG Voyager Preview

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