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LG VX8700 Review

LG VX8700

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LG VX8700 Review


There are two FlashUI Themes that are included: Metallic and Business. The default Metallic theme is best looking of the two and helps to carry over the monochromatic metal look of the phone into the software. This theme is very graphical so the response time is slightly slower than when using the Business theme. However, this slightly slower response time is greatly outweighed by the look and design of the Metallic theme. Pressing the OK button the keypad will access the Main Menu, which is organized into five categories: Get it Now, Messaging, Contacts, Recent Calls, and Settings & Tools. This categorization is the same that is used on most Verizon phones, and is laid out so that sub-menus can be easily found.

Phone book:

LG VX8700 Review
LG VX8700 Review
LG VX8700 Review
LG VX8700 Review
Both the VX8700 and VX8600 share the same phonebook features, except that the VX8700 now supports up to 1000 contacts instead of the standard 500. With each contact you can enter in the Name, Mobile 1 number, Home number, Work number, E-Mail 1 address, Group list, Mobile 2 number, Fax number, and Email 2 address. The Picture and Ringtone settings allow you to assign a designated picture and ringtone to each of your contacts. When that person calls, their specific ringtone will be played and the internal display will show their picture. However, the external display is only capable of showing the name or number of the person calling. To access your saved contacts list, you simply press the Right Soft Key on the keypad. This will bring up your contacts in alphabetical order that you can then scroll through. If you have a large list, you can type in their name in the Go To field and it will automatically find any matching results. Out of your 1000 contacts, only 95 of them can be assigned a Speed Dial location.

The quality of the Speakerphone on the VX8700 is almost unusable. Since there is only 1 speaker on the phone (the earpiece speaker) all sounds must go through it. There are a total of 8 volume settings for the speakerphone, but settings 1-4 are the only ones that are usable. Any higher volume settings will start to cause distortion in the speaker and will get worse as the volume increases. In order to activate the Speakerphone, you must first dial the number and press Send. Then you can press the Speakerphone button. While using it, the phone must remain flipped open, since closing the phone will end the call. Once the call is ended (by either pressing End or flipping the phone closed) the Speakerphone will deactivate, thus making you reactivate it for each call you wish to use it on. We would have hoped that the speakerphone quality would improve from the VX8600, but that is not the case. The only difference is that the VX8600 has a dedicated speaker located on the front flip that is used for the speakerphone (as well as MP3s and ringtones). Due to the poor quality of the Speakerphone, we cannot recommend the VX8700 for anyone that would use it on a regular basis. A better choice would be the Motorola Maxx Ve, LG enV, and Samsung A990.

Calendar - LG VX8700 Review
Calendar - LG VX8700 Review
Calendar - LG VX8700 Review


The Calendar is accessed by pressing the down button on the navigational pad. It begins by showing you the month with the current date selected. You can use the keypad arrows to select any day, month, and year that you wish. Once a date is selected, you can add multiple events (appointments) to each day. You can enter in the Subject, Start Time, End Time, Repeat (once, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly), Until, Alerts, and Tones. When you reach that date and time, the phone will play the assigned tone and display the information on the display.

LG VX8700 Review
The VoiceCommand feature is identical to the one used on the Chocolate, VX8600, and enV. After pressing the VoiceCommand button on the left side of the phone, you are given several options to choose from: Call Name or Number, Send Message to name or number, Goto Menu, Check Item, Lookup Name, My Account, and Help. Out of these, the most useful is the Call command. You can say “Call Home” and the phone will automatically call the number in your contacts list that is saved as “Home”, or you can just say “Call” and speak the digits for the phone to dial. The VoiceCommands are most useful when the phone is connected to a Bluetooth device. When combined with Bluetooth, you can use the VoiceCommands to dial and answer calls without even having to pickup the phone. While using this feature in a quite environment is ideal, it will sometimes not recognize the commands when used in noisy environments.

LG VX8700 Review
The VX8700 only includes 45MB of onboard memory, of which 16MB is used for applications. Even though the 45MB is twice as much as what the previous model had, it is still recommended that you install a MicroSD card for use with the phone. With a memory card, you can transfer pictures and MP3 files from your computer and access them on the phone. Also, when using the phone’s camera, you can save the images and videos to the memory card as well. The phone officially supports up to a 2GB MicroSD card, but with 4GB cards now coming out, it is unclear if those will be compatible.

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. chandana (unregistered)

this phone is too good. when is it gonna hit the market? will it be released in india too..??? i just cant wait to have this

posted on 15 Jun 2007, 16:56

2. (unregistered)

I hear it doesn't support ringtones past a certain number of kbs. Anyone know what number that is?

posted on 05 Jul 2007, 17:42

3. Austin (unregistered)

This phone is one of the greatest phones on the market! personaly the photo quality is just divine. if ur looking for a slim, nice and elegant phone than check ot the LG VX8700 "shine"......

posted on 03 Jan 2008, 14:38

4. GREAT PHONE (unregistered)

This is a great phone it carries, better then standard camera and has great weight to it... its nice to know you can have a phone that doesnt feel like it will shatter to a million pieces from a simple drop. ive had this phone for a few months now. and just recently upgraded to the lg 10000(voyager). which i did solely for the txt msging purpose only.. all in all though great phone.. has a nice clean look and great camera

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