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LG VX8700 Review

LG VX8700 6.5

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LG VX8700 Review
LG VX8700 Review

The most noticeable feature of the VX8700 is the brushed-metal body, which has a modern and sophisticated look. The exterior construction seems well made and does not show fingerprints as much as the VX8600. The phone fits very well in the hand and is easy to hold, but does require both hands to open the flip. In your pocket, the VX8700 is almost not noticeable, but since the weight is 3.77oz, compared to 3.26 on the VX8600, some many notice it more than others.

LG VX8700 Review
LG VX8700 Review
LG VX8700 Review
LG VX8700 Review
LG VX8700 Review
LG VX8700 Review
LG VX8700 Review
LG VX8700 Review


Dimension (Inches)

Dimension (MM)

Weight (OZ)

Weight (Gramms)

LG VX8700

3.8" x 1.95" x 0.5"

97 x 49.5 x 14



LG VX8600

3.9" x 1.9" x 0.6"

99 x 48.5 x 15



LG Chocolate

3.8" x 1.9" x 0.7"

96.5 x 48 x 17.5



LG enV

4.6" x 2.1" x 0.8"

118 x 53 x 20



LG VX8700 compared to LG enV - LG VX8700 Review
LG VX8700 compared to LG enV - LG VX8700 Review
LG VX8700 compared to LG enV - LG VX8700 Review
LG VX8700 compared to LG enV - LG VX8700 Review

LG VX8700 compared to LG enV

External display - LG VX8700 Review
2MP camera - LG VX8700 Review

External display

2MP camera

On the front flip is a unique vertical display, capable of 65K colors and with a resolution of 160x48 pixels. The phone must be held sideways in order to read it. The display shows the Date & Time, Signal Strength, Battery Level, and any message alerts. Unfortunately, there are no settings to have your own wallpapers assigned to it. We personally liked the larger and more traditional looking external display on the VX8600. The 2MP CMOS Camera is located directly above the display.

Left side - LG VX8700 Review
Camera button - LG VX8700 Review

Left side

Camera button

On the left side of the phone are the Volume Up/Down buttons, Voice Command button, and Charger/Data port (which uses the same connector as the LG Chocolate, VX8600, VX9400, and enV.) On the right side is the designated Camera button. Removing the battery cover is relatively easy and is done by sliding up the latch on the back. The battery can then be removed. Once the battery is taken out, you can access the MicroSD card slot located underneath it. We were wondering as to why LG designed this phone with the card slot located under the battery, when all other LG models have it accessible from the side of the phone. We can only assume that this was done so that you must turn the phone off first, then add or remove the memory card. Motorola phones also have the memory card slot located under the battery cover, but it is next to the battery and does not require you to remove it. However, we still like the ease of having a card slot located on the side so that it does not require so many steps to access.
microSD card slot - LG VX8700 Review
microSD card slot - LG VX8700 Review
microSD card slot - LG VX8700 Review
microSD card slot - LG VX8700 Review

microSD card slot

The hinge - LG VX8700 Review
The hinge - LG VX8700 Review
QVGA Display - The hinge - LG VX8700 Review

QVGA Display

The hinge

The hinge is a new design and is located on the center of the flip.
Opening up the phone will reveal the impressive 262K Color QVGA TFT Display. Images on the display have excellent color representation and sharp contrast, with text being clear and with no jagged edges. The top of the display shows status icons for the signal strength, battery level, GPS, and Bluetooth. The Date & Time is shown at the bottom. Despite the quality of this display, it was still lacking on outside use. In direct sunlight, the display is almost unreadable, and the chrome frame around it is very reflective. A possible solution to this would be if chrome around it was replaced with silver plastic and if there were a brightness adjustment for the screen.

Keypad - LG VX8700 Review
Backlight On - LG VX8700 Review


Backlight On

Below the display is the plastic (but metal looking) keypad. The buttons are well spaced and feature a bright white backlight. The 5-way Navigational control at the top is easy to use and provides one-button access to the Main Menu, Mobile Web, VCast, Get it Now, and the Calendar. To the left of it is the Clear button, and to the right is the designated Speakerphone button. The numeric dialing keys have large numbers and letters, making them easy to read for TXT messaging. While the keypad is still flat, it does provide more tactile feel and response than on the previous VX8600 model, but does not come close to the Maxx Ve where you can literally feel the raised letters and numbers.

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. chandana (unregistered)

this phone is too good. when is it gonna hit the market? will it be released in india too..??? i just cant wait to have this

posted on 15 Jun 2007, 16:56

2. (unregistered)

I hear it doesn't support ringtones past a certain number of kbs. Anyone know what number that is?

posted on 05 Jul 2007, 17:42

3. Austin (unregistered)

This phone is one of the greatest phones on the market! personaly the photo quality is just divine. if ur looking for a slim, nice and elegant phone than check ot the LG VX8700 "shine"......

posted on 03 Jan 2008, 14:38

4. GREAT PHONE (unregistered)

This is a great phone it carries, better then standard camera and has great weight to it... its nice to know you can have a phone that doesnt feel like it will shatter to a million pieces from a simple drop. ive had this phone for a few months now. and just recently upgraded to the lg 10000(voyager). which i did solely for the txt msging purpose only.. all in all though great phone.. has a nice clean look and great camera

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Display240 x 320 pixels TFT
Camera2 megapixels
Size3.82 x 1.95 x 0.54 inches
(97 x 49.5 x 14 mm)
3.77 oz  (107 g)
Battery800 mAh, 3.33 hours talk time

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