LG VX8360 Review

Software and Features:

The main menu still remains mostly unchanged, with categories for Media Center, Messaging, Contacts, Recent Calls, and Settings & Tools.  User customizations include 3 themes: Classic, Water, and Black, as well as being able to change the layout between Tab, List, and Grid views.  After using the three themes, we felt the Water theme looked the best, as it is unique to this device, but we still wish there were more choices.

The Phonebook is identical to the most other Verizon devices, including the Chocolate 3 and Rapture, allowing up to 1000 contacts to be stored with multiple numbers and E-mail addresses.  Once a contact is saved, you can assign them to one of 999 speed dial locations.

One feature that the VX8360 and Chocolate 3 have in common is the new Dashboard program, powered by Adobe.  It shows a list of 13 channels you can scroll through and customize, such as news, weather, business, and mobile web.  It is a nice way of categorizing information to make it easier to find.  Unfortunately, the mobile web program still relies on WAP, which means going to normal HTML sites can be problematic and may not be properly displayed.

Since the VX8360 is not designed as a music-centric phone, such as the Chocolate 3 or Juke, it continues to use the same “red” player that has been around for the past few years.  All of the music files are categorized and are easy to find.  You can also use the external buttons to play, rewind/skip-back, and fast-forward/skip-ahead.  The one thing we were surprised by was how good the music quality is through the stereo speakers.  To us, it sounded just as good as the Chocolate 3.  We believe this is because the stereo speakers of both phones are located on the front flip, instead of being on the back or other location.  If you don’t have the extra money for a Chocolate 3, but still want good music playback, then this phone is the one to get.

Even though the camera resolution remains 1.3MP, the overall image quality has improved.  Outdoor images now have more realistic colors, look sharper, and no longer suffer from the “purple hue” problem we saw on the VX8350.  However, indoor images still can be problematic, especially in low-light, causing pictures to look blurry and lacking in detail.  Remember, there isn’t a built-in flash.



1. elgee02

Posts: 28; Member since: Jan 26, 2009

Along with you guys here at phonearena, I too thought the LG-VX8350 was a HUGE dissapointment, especially compared to the VX8300. From the very moment I opened the box and held the new LG-VX8360 in my hand I knew it was at least 10X better than the craptastic VX8350. I like the crisp display and the menu themes, the awesome speaker, and the easy to dial buttons. If you don't need all the bells and whistles on a phone, but dont want an uber-basic cheapie either, than the LG-VX8360 is an excellent phone.

2. Antonio1980

Posts: 8; Member since: Mar 01, 2009

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3. xev11

Posts: 5; Member since: Mar 03, 2009

I have been waiting for this phone to come out for my mom. We tried the 8350 but it didnt have a lot of the menu options that the 8300 has. The keys on this remind me of the V710 and 815
  • Display 2.0" 240 x 320 pixels
  • Camera 1.3 MP
  • Battery 950 mAh(5.26h talk time)

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